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Fiasco's Steakhouse, Morrison Hotel | Woolloongabba, Brisbane

August 23, 2019

For those times when you feel like having a good steak, Morrison never dissapoints. Their pepper sauce I have to say is one of the best, but for those who likes it less punchy and full of whole peppercorns, then it may not be for you. As we arrived at the restaurant, it was packed as usual with many group and couple bookings all around.

Not wanting a meaty tummy tonight, I decided to go with one of their wood fired pizza. I don't exactly remember what it was called but it had chicken, capsicum, tomato, olives, red onion on a bbq sauce topped with mozarella cheese. This actually took a while to arrive to our table with the steak arriving first. It was a pretty good pizza and the toppings were quite decent compared to other many pizza restaurants where you don't get much toppings and just more pizza dough in each bite.

The flavours worked well with each other and the pizza dough itself was not too thick nor too thin. It had a slight crisp edge all around but the dough itself was fluffy.

I'm pretty sure this was the Wagyu Rump, served with a side of chips, sauce of your choice and salad. The caesar salad had that tangyness from the dressing and topped with shaved mozarella cheese and bacon bits, it was the right salad to choose to accompany the steak.

The steak was juicy and was cooked as what we ordered. The chips had some kind of peri peri salt on it but was not overpowering or overseasoned. While I know I complimented their pepper sauce earlier but their mushroom sauce is also a winner. Creamy mushroom sauce but not overly creamy and filled with mushroom slices.

Something to note before dining here, parking is not that great especially on a busy night, so be mindful of the times you do come in to dine.

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