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Southside Bistro | Sunnybank, Brisbane

August 12, 2019

After having a few coffee catch ups here, we decided to come and try their actual savoury food one afternoon. They don't have much seating inside so we opted for their outside seating which has more space and fresh air too. It does tend to get quite busy here especially during the night time but the downside is that many places that do offer coffees and desserts don't open till late.

Started off our lunch with their homemade lemon tea, it was just okay. Nothing special but it was more on the sweet side for me which I wasn't a big fan of, less sugar would've been preferable.


This was one of their specials on the day which I was interested in so decided to get that. It was their Pan fried pork fillet served w sticky tamarind glaze, sweet potato puree, fresh bok choy and marinated bamboo salad. One thing I have to say about this dish would be salty.

Unfortunately the whole dish was just salty here and there for me, for us. At first I thought it was just me but then when he tried it too, he said that same thing. The sweet potato puree was smooth but salty. The pork fillet was pan fried well but the actual meat itself could not be enjoyed thoroughly due to the bok choy and bamboo salad placed on top of it, which again..was salty.

The sticky tamarind glaze on the pork fillet was very mild as I could not taste the tamarind flavour. Underneath the sweet potato puree was also quite watery which I was unsure whether it was from the actual tamarind glaze or maybe there was supposed to be something liquidy that went with it. The creamy sauce was okay but I think it did not add anything to the dish as the dish itself seem disjointed.

One of their well known dishes would have to be their baos. I was excited for it but when it arrived, I didn't realise it was going to be quite small and not as filling as I had hoped it would be. Yes, the amount of paprika salted fried was generous but I would rather have smaller portion of fries and maybe another bao for the price I paid.

The green pesto sauce was really nice, I enoyed it with the fries. The bao itself was fine, the char siu pork was great but we had much more fat content than meat. It was also hard to pick it up like sandwich to bite into it as everything started falling out of the bao itself. Again, for the Mr, this could've easily been a few bites and he would be done with it.

Overall, I liked this dish better than the other but would've been better if we had another bao, filled sufficiently and suitable for people to hold and bite into it without everything dropping from left and right after each bite.

 *Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment. 

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