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Mie Keriting P. Siantar | Pluit, Jakarta, Indonesia

August 06, 2019

Another visit to Mie Keriting P. Siantar in Pluit. As usual, when we arrived early in the morning, it was already bustling with diners slurping on wonton soups and tucking into their noodles.

As you enter, you can smell the aroma of the sweet kitchen and watch the cooks boiling their handmade noodles, tossing the noodles and putting them into individual bowls and topped with charsiu pork mixture.

Each table has their own soy sauce, chilli sauce and tissue box and if you see them missing, simply ask one of the waiters for them.

Starting with Wonton Soup, a simple yet satisfying bowl of chunky pork wontons with the clear broth topped with spring onions. Each bowl get a few pork wonton and in every bite, you can taste the handmade roughness of the wontons.

Each bowl of noodle soup comes with a small bowl of clear broth. This is just to simply add into the pork char siu noodles if you'd like your noodles to have more liquid or maybe soupy-ness. Some like them more on the dry side, so you can just have the soup by itself.

One of the best things about this dish would be their handmade curly noodles and yes, of course the pork char siu too with the soy sauce based mushrooms and the spring onions. Everything in one dish complements each other well and is eaten best when you mix it altogether. I like it with the soup so I usually tend to just pour a bit of the soup in before mixing it.

 *Please note this is a delayed post and as such, the menu may have changed since my visit to the establishment.

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