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CHI Mc | Creek Street, Brisbane CBD

June 16, 2021

Although Creek Street may not be your usual area or destination to go for Korean food, but Chi Mc is somewhat worth it. It does get quite busy during weekday lunches and maybe that's because there isn't much Korean food availability around the area, or maybe it's the fact that they offer lunch specials. When we came in, there was quite a number of tables filled but luckily we were able to grab one as there was a number of us.

Takoyaki is a Japanese dish but you do find it that many Korean restaurants sometimes also sells Korean-Japanese fusion or Japanese entrees. I didn't try this myself but it was steaming when it arrived and the person who ate it enjoyed the octopus balls but felt that it was just lacking more of the takoyaki sauce.

Deep Fried Pork Dumplings, these were deep fried and served with a simple soy sauce to dip the dumplings into. Crunchy on the outside and ample filling.

Beef Bulgogi with rice was somewhat interesting as it also had the sweet potato noodles you would get in Japchae too. The taste was rather strong and the seasoning was nicely balanced. The amount of beef slices and vegetables was not too bad but felt that the beef slices was a bit dry.

Teriyaki Mayo with rice also came with a little side salad. The fried chicken was nicely seasoned and fried well without that oily residue on the plate. The teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise blended well with each other as you mix it through the whole dish. Definitely works well with the warm rice overall.

Soy Boneless Chicken came with a side of thinly deep fried potato chips, cabbage salad and radish. The salad had a thousand island dressing on top and wished that there was more radish than just a small plastic container bowl as by the time you're eating everything, the radish is gone for the rest of the meal.

The potato chips was slightly more curlier than normal but I didn't mind it. The soy chicken was well battered, fried and had a lovely crunch and the right amount of seasoning. I did however feel that the whole plate was more covered by the potato chips instead of the chicken, even in the photo above, there was more potato chips than the chicken. Not sure if this is how they usually do it or maybe it was just the wrong day for us to order this. There was two of us that ordered boneless chicken and both came out the same, more potato chips than chicken.

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