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Bacchus Restaurant | South Bank, Brisbane

June 30, 2021

High Tea at Bacchus Restaurant, South Bank, was a unique experience and something that I should do more of - trying out other High Tea places I mean. The High Tea at Bacchus includes pours of Harney & Sons fine teas served with pastries, desserts and sandwiches. More details below.


The Savoury side of the High Tea consisted of various different sandwiches, tuna and mayo, ham, egg and mayo and a couple of other ones including a croissant filled with celery leaves and cheese and a sunflower seeded bagel with smoked salmon. The breads used were white bread which made me feel an assorted bread type would've been good, like wholemeal or multigrain or rye etc.

The scones were warm when arrived at our table, served with the traditional cream and jam. The perfect accompaniment. The cream was silky smooth and the raspberry jam had the right amount of sourness, sweetness but not too overpowering. Beside the scones were these sweet puff pastry, I wasn't too keen on it and felt that it was a bit sad as there was only two thin slices of it, with no other pastry friends.

I don't exactly remember what these were in particular but I think it was a Pistachio macaron and a brownie and raspberry slice. A Tiramisu next to it in a thin chocolate tart shell and a Lemon Meringue too. The middle was somewhat like an Opera cake but more on the sponge cake texture and overall.

My favourite out of this plate would have been the Tiramisu, Lemon Meringue and the Raspberry / Cherry Brownie slice for something a bit on the heavier side. 

Some photos I snapped of the interior below -

*Please note that this is a delayed post, hence the menu may have changed since my visit.

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