Cafe 21, Treasury Casino, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Cafe 21, Treasury Casino, Brisbane

July 31, 2011

Cafe 21 in Treasury Casino in Brisbane CBD ... Cafe 21 burger is massive .. for me it was anyway .. maybe for those heavy and alot and big eaters out there, probably it won't feel like it .. but it was for me ... the meat was astonishing huge... HUGE ... it was like wowwww munch munch munch .. when is this gonna finish ...

the Club Sandwich is recommended ... something not too heavy and something not too light .. 
oh .. and i forgot to mention that the Cafe 21 burger is served with fries and aioli sauce ..
it has a combination of bacon, egg, chicken, cheese, tomato, avocado, lettuce, mayonnaise and served with fries.. look at the colours ... oh the wonders of colourful food ... and it's not dyed kihihhh..
the fries however wasn't as good .. coz i don't think they fried it enough .. because it was still bit soggy ... ah well ...

NOW, do you understand what I mean by the BIG meaty patty?
this is definitely really cute .. how they sign their name to the burger .. it's like stamped on ~~

Coffees in Cafe 21 ... I think the one with the signature "21" was the Cappucino .. and the second coffee with the half chocolate drizzled and the leafy sign was .... latter? or maybe it was mocha something .. no idea...

this was the dessert that I tried .. it was kinda like a combinatino of rasberry and white chocolate.. with rasberry or strawberry glazey thing at the bottome and cream and strawberry and dark chocolate on top .. it was not too  bad actually ... 

Cafe 21, Conrad Treasury Casino

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