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Gelare, Southbank, Brisbane

July 31, 2011

Waffles to die for .. the smell basically just makes your heart go thumpthumpthump and your toungue go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ...  ordered the half waffles with the cookie dough ice cream .. oh my goodness, the cookie dough ice cream .. I thought Cold Rock's Cookie Dough Ice Cream was delicious .. Now I think I have found my new favourite place just to eat or grab myself a Cookie Dough flavoured ice cream ..
look at the ooooziiiinesss of the syrup hahahh... not healthy i know =( especially with the cream.. im not a fan of cream and i forgot to say that I didn't want cream ontop... but ah well...i just left the cream aside.. but still yumyumyum ...

I went with a friend and he bought the same thing, but he chose the strawberry ice cream .. he brought his DSLR but i wanted to use my lumix ... well, actually ... he took photoes of me smiling happily with the waffles and me with the waffles .. but i didn't want to post the photo of me... just yet :)
i miss gelare .. i wanna go back .. i want my cookie dough .. and to keep smelling good yummy smell of fresh made waffles .. om nom nom nom nom nom ...
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