Lindt Chocolat Café, Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne - my name is Food.

Lindt Chocolat Café, Chapel St, South Yarra, Melbourne

July 22, 2011

I went to Melbourne for a few days and had time to go to Lindt Chocolat Café down in Chapel St, South Yarra. I did see one in the CBD area in Collins St, however, I was on my way to Prahran Markets to find it closed so ended up in Lindt Chocolat Café and it was chocolateylicious :)

The outside of the Cafe ... At first, I didn't even realise that there was this cafe along the street, but lucky that I was walking from nearly one end of the street to the other ... hehehh... and I guess, seeing that this was "Lindt Chocolate Cafe", why not give it a try?
They had a variety of Lindt chocolates, including Lindt cakes, Lindt macarons, Lindt chocolates, Lindt coffees .. everything was Lindt, it was like "Lindt Heaven" ..
This cake looks like a Tiramisu, but it really isn't. This cake is called St.Moritz

Rich silky tiers of dark, milk & white chocolate mousse are separated by thin layers of almond cake. The decorative top of this delicious cake is created from tiles of Lindt dark chocolate, dusted with cocoa powder.
 The cake was very moist whilst the top was actually a Lindt dark chocolate block dusted in cocoa powder.
The Macarons, I did not actually buy. But somehow, the person was nice enough to give 2 Macarons away for free, Vanilla and Salt Caramel. Maybe it was because I bought other Lindt chocolates and was going to leave before they offered me the macarons.. I was saying that I wanted to try the Vanilla, that's why and I asked which one they recommended, and so the Salt Caramel was given.
 This was the Salt Caramel.. I enjoyed biting it as it was soft and the texture and flavour of the caramel was not too strong. I'm usually not a fan of caramel but some caramel when mixed with chocolate and ends up being a good combination, I quite enjoy it.
I like this photo ... Yes, I'm actually praising myself for my own photography skills.. hehehh...
I brought this stuff to bring back to Brisbane ... was a hassle to carry but worthate .. These were the Lindt chocolates that I bought from the Cafe~~

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