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Bishamon Japanese Restaurant, Spring Hill, Brisbane

July 31, 2011

Bishamon Restaurant in Spring Hill ... First attempt trying to dine here failed due to the business and the fully booked.. maybe it was because me and my friends tried coming here on a Friday Night ... but second attempt succeeded .. and Here I am :) First thing was choosing what to eat .. and ended up just choosing the Shabu Shabu .. Just be simple, and we weren't THAT hungry ... although they tried offering us to get the Shabu Shabu Buffet because the price was just a few dollars more expensive than the normal one .. but maybe next time ...
Radish came out .. I think it consisted of zucchini, tomato, beef, soy sauce, thin glass noodle .. and I dont know what else ... 
The place was not that big .. but was enough to fit about 50 people or more maybe..? Near my table there was a big group of 2 families eating together sukiyaki and shabu shabu at the same time with their kids .. their kids were soooo cute. .. I like the lights in the restaurant .. I have a thing for cool or different looking lights and I don't really know why...
The sauce ... condiments ... Soy sauce and something else that I am not sure what the name is .. but you know, if you mix both together, don't think of it as something that won't taste nice .. because sometimes, you gotta try something new right? and sometimes mixing different sauces together or different food together, you might as well create your own special sauce and oh my goodness, when mixed together , it's good ..
The  vegetables that came with the Shabu Shabu .. there were 3 of us, and there were 3 massive chunk of tofu which kinda made us laugh .. for no reason ...and 3 shiitake mushrooms as well ... there were carrots, shallot, bean sprouts, glass noodles, tofu and mushrooms.. oh and lettuce as well~~

This is meat ... I think we bought the Wagyu Beef .. It was tasty .. Seriously ... Maybe it was because I haven't eaten shabu shabu for awhile .. but ye, it was yummy~~

This was one portion of the meat and it was enough for 3 of us ... The bottom is what the hotpot looked liked when we started adding the condiments and the ingredients in .. Although the price is abit pricey but I guess it's recommended ... Definitely .. 
The shabu-shabu before ...
and after =)
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