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Alfresco Italian Restaurant, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

January 15, 2012

Down at the Gold Coast AGAIN... and for dinner, my friends recommended this Italian restaurant.. Well, basically he just took us there coz he went there last time with our other friend and they both said just go there tonight.. and so we did.. Fully Licensed, BYO as well ... and parking is on the street, if you're lucky.. The place was packed like crazy ... we booked a table already but unfortunately had to wait longer just for our tables to be ready due to the so many diners..

It took a bit of time for the food to arrive because of their busy-ness... but it was alright coz alot of us just kept on talking.. though some of us did start getting really hungry so we kept on wondering when the food were gonna come.. when it finally did, the first that came out was our Entree..

'Foccacia' - pizza base with tomato sauce, herbs and garlic .. it was a nice starter and it wasn't heavy which was good because we actually didn't buy a main dish each but instead we bought 2 Pastas and 3 Pizzas and shared it among us .. On the menu, the other Entrees included Soup of the day, Stuffed Mushrooms, Oysters, Calamari and they even had Lamb Brains.. how cool.. last time I ate brain was in December when I went back to Indonesia.. and that was in a soup..
La Pastaaaaaaaaaaaa ... I kind of forgot the order of which the main dishes came out, but it doesn't matter.. Like other Italian restaurants, you could choose your own type of Pasta..Spaghetti, Pettucine, Gnocchi or Penne. They also had Ravioli or Tortellini but that was extra.. Ended up ordering Fettucines for the both pastas that we ordered.. and the sauces were, "Pollo Pesto" (top pasta photo) and the "Carbonara" (bottom pasta photo) .. Good amount of sauce and good portion .. The price I think suited well with the portion of the pasta.. so that was good =)
A close-up photo of the Pollo Pesto Fettucine .. It had chicken breast with a blended pine nut and basil cream sauce .. 
Pizzas had two sizes, one was small which was the 9" and the large was 13"..
"Crommo's Special" the name of the Pizza as what they'd like to call it.. It consisted of tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, prawns, mushrooms, olives, garlic and chilli .. 

"Tony's Special" .. tomato sauce, mozarella, mushrooms and pepperoni ..
Simple dish of "Prawn" .. tomato sauce, mozarella, prawns and garlic ..
Don't ask me why but my favourites of the dishes ordered were actually both the pastas were good and the Prawn pizza .. maybe I was feeling seafoodish throughout the day that's why I ended up favoriting the seafood dishes .. They also sell desserts but we were full afterwards so we took off and had desserts some place else after walking around ..

But overall, it was worthate... give it a try if you feel like eating Italian when you're down at the Gold Coast.. Just be careful of the queue so maybe try and come in earlier on a Friday night or any other nights as it might be packed with hungry customers..

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