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Pancake Manor, Charlotte St, CBD, Brisbane

January 25, 2012

 Pancake Manor is just one of the few places you could go to that is opened 24 hours.. Don't let the name underestimate you with what they've got to offer.. Sure they sell pancakes, but more else, they also sell waffles, burgers, salads, snacks, drinks both non-alcohol and alcohol and coffee.. Good hang out place to chill and chat, with the magnificent building that I think used to be a church somehow .. They've also got a bar down stairs called "The Knight Bar"..
 "Beef Burger" .. a change from all the pancakes I've tried every time I do end up coming here..  A gourmet beef burger, roasted capsicum, swiss cheese, egg, lettuce, special tomato sauce served up with chips.. 
These were the famous buttermilk pancakes.. I actually prefer these buttermilk pancakes than the normal ones, but if you do happen to want to exchange your normal pancakes to buttermilk pancakes, just simply ask the person who's taking your order and they'll simply put a note about it.. "Regular Stack" consisted of 3 buttermilk pancakes served up with whipped butter and their special syrup.. and a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top for an extra two dollars.. you could also add cream if you wanted to for an extra two dollars ..

Like I said, a good place to chill and hang out and you could share these pancakes if you wanted to or if feeling not so hungry.. The different toppings and varieties they have with their savoury and sweet pancakes is a must, try them all if you could hahahh.. try the crepes if you wanted to.. the waffles are sooooooooo good.. have a look through the menus, and whatever your eyes keeps on eyeing on, then get it =) and seeing that it opens for 24hours/7days, you can come back anytime to try other dishes..

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