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Yamasakura Japanese Restaurant, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast

January 13, 2012

Gold Coast might be popular for its waves and shopping, but who thought that in the heart of it lies Japanese restaurants .. owned and cooked by Japanese .. unlike the sushi shops and sushi trains in Brisbane owned by Chinese or Koreans .. not saying that they are any different, but just the thought of it, people would generally want to go to an authentic one.. if you know what I mean.. Located in Centre Arcade, where it was kind of surrounded by other Japanese restaurants as well, on the ground level and on the second level .. On the ground level had Hakataya Ramen and that ..

The interior is simple decorated by wooden tables and chairs, whilst the counter caught my eye as it was filled with printed photoes of their customers and famous people who's came in to dine here.. it was yet fascinating to see and different in another way..
Entrance of the Japanese restaurant.. and on the right side, it was just normal wooden chairs and tables whilst on the left side was a Japanese styled dining area where people would sit cross legged with no footwear leaving their sandals, shoes and that before they step on to the leveled wooden area..
CUTE big abalone in one of the aquariums they had near the entrance..
First up was the Ramen.. it was a simple ramen topped up with radish, seaweed and shallots ... Portion was alright and was enough.. But for the guys, it wasn't ... seeing that they bought more snacks after we left the place..
Katsu Curry .. katsu was good and the curry taste was nice as well ..
Set Menu Special which included Miso Soup, Rice, Chicken Karaage and slices of Pork with ginger sauce, also known as Pork Shogayaki..
The meat was just normal for me, it was alright .. but my friend ordered it and he said he enjoyed it ..
A piece of Chicken Karaage served with a slice of lemon ..

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