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Groove Train, King George Square, Brisbane

January 16, 2012

Groove Train has locations in Riverside, Docklands, Surfers Paradise, King George Square at the CBD and more.. Though all has its similarities in interior, it is somehow 'unique yet familiar' as they'd like to call it.. Selling a mixture of Italian and modern Australian dishes ranging from pastas, woodfired pizzas, asian dishes, salads and much more.. Also serves alcohol and coffees..
Top food photo was the 'Chicken Risotto', which was arborio rice, mushrooms, onions, baby spinach and chicken. The risotto was alright but I have tried their 'Pumpkin Risotto' which I kind of actually liked better.. or maybe it was just my mood during that time...
'Spaghetti alla Groove' .. spaghetti with chicken pieces, avocado, spring onions tossed in a creamy pesto and napoli sauce.. This was delicious I might say.. Their spaghetti bolognese and their Traditional Fettucine Carbonara is good here also.. though I don't have the photo for it, I've tried them a different day.. 
Last but not least, a pizza.. I've tried other pizzas as well as their calzones and I should say that it is good and the portion as well.. For prices ranging around the 20s, the amount of ingredients they've put in their pizza s and calzones was enough and sufficient.. Not like those other restaurants where you go and pay a huge amount and the ingredients and portion aren't as satisfying as you thought it would be..

Well anyway, the pizza above was the 'Grooves Lamb Pizza' .. and look at the size of the lamb, i was expecting like little strips or something but didn't turn out that way.. It had Napoli sauce, mozarella cheese, roasted lamb, onion, black olives, spinach and topped with tzatziki.. I loved how they made it how each piece of the slices had a dollop of tzatziki.. as sometimes they would miss out on a slice and the meats or the veges would be topped alot on one and a little on another..

If you're down at the Gold Coast or maybe just even in Brisbane, come in and give it a try.. good recommendation for pizzas and pastas if you don't know where to go or didn't want to go to your usual eatery.. 

The one down at King George Square is located right on top of the King George Busway station and infront of the City Hall and the views are just basically people walking past you and that.. But if you feel like catching a view, go down to Riverside as it is located next to the river along where the other restaurants are at Riverside.. Enjoy ~~

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