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Little Singapore, Charlotte St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

April 02, 2012

Little Singapore is one of the many successful asian eateries that somehow came over to the CBD from Sunnybank... Like its brothers and sisters I may say such as Little Hong Kong, Malaya Corner etc. they produce cheap delicious food that will make you come back, wanting to try the ones you have not tried yet... Located in Charlotte St near the Police Station and Pancake Manor..
Their menu was simple and straightforward, without those long explanations of what each dishes are, but instead, they simply had the name of the food and a photo to go along side with it.. 
 For entree, we bought the 'Popiah'... they are fresh spring rolls.. vegetables, bean sprouts, noodles for fillings and it was a generous amount although for me the spring roll skin was abit dry...
'Hainanese Chicken Rice'.. in Little Singapore, the Hainan Chicken is one of the mush dishes you should try when you come.. I especially like the smell of the hainan chicken, although their rice isn't the hainan rice...
Chicken was nicely cooked with the chicken skin being really moist whilst the inside was not too dry.. Some of the other Hainan Chicken i've eaten, i've realised how some of them has really dry chicken meat.. you could also see and taste the juiciness of the hainan.. Though I'd still prefer authentic Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice..
 The sauce that comes along with it is the typical chilli and the ginger garlic sauce.. They have a stand now where you can get your own sauces from a different variety of them.. I didn't take a photo of it.. but from some of the photoes I've took, you can see how there are random sauces on the side or something..
Curry with Rice.. you can choose from Chicken, Beef or Lamb.. The curry sauce was not too overpowering.. Served with radish and sliced cucumbers on the side with rice.. Portion of the curry was generous..
They also had potatoes and some veges in their curry.. and the meat were pretty big in size actually..
Lemon Ice Tea.. yes it is just Lemon and Ice and Tea.. but sometimes the ones you buy from restaurants tastes different than the ones you do make at home... I started falling in love with Lemon Ice Tea when I was living in Singapore~~ Remember to somehow squash or keep on jabbing the lemon with your straw or spoon or whatever.. because then all of the lemon and even the lemon seeds are all crushed which gives the tea that extra lemony flavour..
The bill at the end after we've finished eating... It's always funny how a space or a dot or those simple can make a difference.. for example, in the bill it says "35 Assam Fish Rice".. Yes, it is suppose to be the food dish number and then the name of the food, but somehow if you look at it in a different way, it could've been "35 Assam Fish Rice" ordered.. 
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