Beach House Bar & Grill, Myer Centre, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Beach House Bar & Grill, Myer Centre, Brisbane

May 22, 2012

Went to Beach House on a Monday Night to finally try out their Monday Steak Night ... Live Music at nights other than on Monday nights.. A good place to chill and relax, have a drink or two, or even more.. 
 Bought an alcoholic drink ~~
 Another alcoholic drink bought .. 
First steak out and had it with Diane sauce .. served with chips and salad..
There were a variety of different sauces, including mushroom, pepper, diane, gravy.. you can choose from .. I didn't feel like the normal mushroom or pepper sauce, so I chose the diane sauce..
"Medium Rare" ..
This is the steak with the mushroom sauce ...
Steak with the Gravy sauce... it was just normal gravy.. so in the end, i still preferred my "Diane" sauce..
Salt & Pepper Squid ..
Crisp fried in their salt & pepper mix over a fresh green salad with chips.. served with lemon..
The steaks (gravy and mushroom sauced one) and the salt and pepper squid .. My steak with the diane sauce, was already half-eaten, so i decided not to take a photo of it =( But, do go have a try their steaks on Mondays during Steak night~

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