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Guzman Y Gomez Mexican Taqueria, Albert St, Brisbane CBD

May 01, 2012

An exciting new Mexican store opened just a few weeks ago down at Albert Street, next to Timezone.. There is also another one in the newly renovated Wintergarden.. With much anticipation and eagerness to try it, my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to give this place a try..

 Interior was pretty much bright yellow stools or black chairs and wooden tables .. 
At each end of the counter, they had this self-serve Tabasco sauce and Jalapenos.. as well as serviettes and forks etc..
 A close up photo of the Tabasco squitter and Jalapenos ..
 Ordered the 3 for $10.50 Quesadillas .. and truthfully I thought the portion would be abit bigger.. Quesadillas were grilled soft corn tortillas.. They sell a variety of different fillings in which you could choose from for your Tacos, Quesadillas or your Burritos.. Beef, Chicken, Steak, Fish, Vegetarian..
My fingers comparing to the Quesadillas .. =( .. it would have been better if the quesadillas were bigger though.. These three different Quesadillas had Steak, Chicken and Beef in it.. I prefered the steak and the beef out of the three.. I'm not sure why but chicken just didnt do it for me..
I heard they make a pretty smashing frozen Sangria .. and they do sell alcohol which is a good thing .. I do want to try the burritos next time though, so the next time I come here, I would probably want to try their burritos and their alcohol.. But for those who have a big appetite, i recommend you ordering more than their quesadillas if you happen to just buy it..

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