Hosaku, Albert St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane - my name is Food.

Hosaku, Albert St, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

May 27, 2012

What used to be a Japanese sushi train to a Japanese restaurant to now a Korean Chicken eatery .. tried it out the other day with a bunch of friends, but didn't have the chance to take a photo, so the next time I went, I tried not to forget about the photo..

A typical Korean restaurant giving out side dishes at the start or when the dishes do start coming .. one of their side dishes was this vegetable salad with mayo i think ..
Chips with Garlic and Onion flavour ... they have a variety of different flavours that you can choose from and sizes are either regular or large ..
And now for the chickens, they have either oven-baked or fried ... the one bought this time was their Original + Hot and Spicy chicken combo .. if you do buy a combo, be aware that there is only one price.. However, if you do buy the other type of chicken variety they have, you can either choose their set size or you could also pick half and half, in which you would choose two different variety of chickens you want, and they would serve you half and half ..
All chicken dishes are served with two of your own choice sauces, Teriyaki, Salt & Pepper, Mustard or Sweet Chilli  ..

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