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Ginga Sushi Bar & Fusion, South Bank, Brisbane

May 07, 2012

Came here right after I finished a mid-semester exam for a friend's goodbye gathering ... located right next to Southbank Cinemas.. The place is separated into two areas, the Sushi Train and the normal tables and seats..

 The area with the tables and seats, the lights above reminded me of a mini hall concert lights for some reason... a TV screen showing some anime show..
 This, I'm guessing which was the bar of this area .. the Sushi Train is on the other side .. I didn't take a photo of it so ..
 Menu had photoes .. which was good, so that people could actually see and know what they were ordering ..
 Ordered the 'Takoyaki' which is octopus balls .. Ordered this because some of us were getting hungry and the others haven't arrived yet.. and seriously, it was HOT ... i mean, i think I burnt my tongue, so make sure you take your time when eating it because I'm pretty sure all of us weren't so we just put it all in and bit into it..
 Chicken Karaage Udon ... Udon with Chicken Karaage (Fried Battered Chicken Pieces) pieces on top.. 
 Chashu Ramen.. Chashu pieces served on top of Ramen..
Now for the rice dishes, Chicken Karaage Curry.. The chicken karaage I think should have been more crispier.. but I guess every restaurants have their own type of batter.. 
 Chicken Karaage with white sauce .. This is basically another version of the curry but instead of the curry sauce, it was white sauce.. 
White sauce had vegetables inside it and it was not as overpowering as some white pasta sauce.. 
 Like what I had said before, the karaage pieces could've been crispier.. that is my personal preference anyway..
 Yakisoba .. Chicken and Vegetables Fried Noodles..
 I remember this dish ever so clearly, this was the longest dish that was brough out.. and there were two people that had bought the same dish, so whilst everyone already had theirs on the table, this dish was the only one that we were still waiting for..
 Spicy Pork Mince Ramen .. For the eaters, they said it was not spicy enough, and so, they ended up putting  heaps of the chilli powder provided on the table..

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