The Coffee Club, Aspley, Brisbane - my name is Food.

The Coffee Club, Aspley, Brisbane

June 28, 2012

Coffee Club at Aspley for dinner again.. Didn't feel like going anywhere too far so just went here for dinner as it was easy, close and good.. and also it's been awhile since I've been here ~
 Bought the Pizza special.. sadly I've forgotten the name of the pizza... so bear with me hahah.. but the ingredients or the toppings were.......... tomato, pesto, red onions, prosciutto and.... i'm not sure what..
 But !! I can tell you what this lovely pasta was ... 
Fettucinne Carbonara served with Garlic Bread
 Bacon, cream, parmesan, mushrooms ... this was good and not too mushy nor was it too saucy either.. good amount of sauce and the portion was quite big as well... but i shared it between the two of us so it was all good ..
 Pizza and Pasta for dinner ...

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