Cafe Le Petit Paradis, Margaret St, Brisbane CBD - my name is Food.

Cafe Le Petit Paradis, Margaret St, Brisbane CBD

November 24, 2012

Salmon Sashimi from Cafe PP (Cafe Petit Paradis) in Margaret St ... I didn't think it would be this much and the cutting of it was pretty thick .. not as thin as I expected it to be .. And plus, sashimi is always ever so wonderful and delicious ... so i thoroughly enjoyed it wholey =) 

A close up photo of the salmon sashimi , it has 12 pieces by the way... as it was stated on the menu and when it was counted, it was actual 12 pieces ... it came with pieces of cucumber, shredded ginger and wasabi... though the sashimi sat on top of Tang noodles.. 
The katsudon was sauced up with Japanese worchestershire sauce~~
Close up shot of the Katsudon ... You can see the texture of the sauce and the shiny glare was an accident, as my friend who was in front of me was also photoing the dish with his flash on ~~

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