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Little Singapore, Charlotte St, Brisbane CBD

November 25, 2012

Nasi Lemak
A restaurant where people tend to go when they miss their South East Asian roots... That's how some people I know feel like and ends up here when they start craving for those typical traditional asian dishes they once usually eat when they're in asia... Little Singapore is located in either the Brisbane CBD or in Market Square in Sunnybank...
Nasi Lemak, a dish where there are a variety of different dishes plated up in a big round plate.. This is also one of the must have dishes you would have to try if you do come into this restaurant..
Ikan Bilis (Anchovies) and Peanuts, Radish also on the right side next to the peanuts, whilst there is Beef Rendang on the left of the Ikan Bilis ..
Hard Boiled Egg but the egg's outer layer is actually then fried.. and topped off with Sambal..
Chicken/Beef/Lamb Curry.. which is basically the same with the Curry with Rice dish from above..
Beef Rendang.. The meat was tender and moist and was very easy to bite or cut using the forks or even spoon, so it was good.. you can see the juices coming out from the meat.. 
Assam Fish Rice.. Basically the word 'Assam' means 'Tamarind' which most of you might be familiar to. So the seafood or meat is usually marinated in Tamarind fruit juice with chilli and other spices for a period of time...
Vegetables are usually also included in this dish as the juiciness can be soaked up in both the meat and the vegetables.. It was a nice dish as in the end, nothing was left when eaten..

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