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Oishii Sushi Bar, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

November 24, 2012

Himawari Roll
And again, another stopby at Oishii for a dinner.. and the usual order always satisfies my tongue at the end of  the night...
The combination of all of the food elements blended and mixed well and with the unique egg wrapped roll makes it a delicious fusionised sushi...Some may call this "Himawari Roll" is the Oishii's famous sushi or the one that everyone would order when they come... And I do have to say, that it is both good looking and yummylicious... 
Black Dragon Sushi
Black Dragon Sushi is their Eel sushi.. I'm a big fan of sushi as I may have said before, so eel sushi is basically a must... 
California Roll
California Roll is Soft Shell crab... I don't know why but I'd rather eat fishy sushi than meaty sushi... Other than Karaage that is which is somehow an exception... But usually, I would get sashimi, eel sushi, soft shell crab sushi and so on.. you get the point... I usually just eat their sushis when coming here, but there was a night where I tried their "Omu-yakisoba" which is basically Yakisoba wrapped in Omelette then topped off with shavings of seaweed and japanese mayonnaise.. Yakisaoba is fried noodles with a variety of vegetables and meat while in this case was chicken.. 

Another visit and another, means that I do really like the place, even if I just keep ordering similar sushis.. So definitely recommended for those sushi lovers out there... 

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