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Milano, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD

November 03, 2013

Was shopping around in city and decided to take a late afternoon coffee and cake quality time together since it's been awhile we've walked around the city due to his ongoing out-of-city work... At first we wanted to go to Brew, however it was packed and no free seats, so we decided to go elsewhere.. Still wondering where to go and I suggested Milano, the nearest restaurant towards the Treasury casino and the way to Southbank, and.. it's in the middle of Queen Street Mall.. So what better way of sipping a warm cup of coffee and nibbling on cute cakes and being able to watch people passing by...
One of the restaurants in the CBD that's open for all three, breakfast, lunch and dinner... They mostly serve modern italian cuisine as you can probably tell just by the name.. Showed him their cakes range in the cake display and he agreed to try... We chose the 'Tiramisu' ($13.5) which is always a safe one to order.. We thought about the cheesecake or maybe their dark chocolate cake, but decided to give this a try... All cakes are the same price... 
The 'Tiramisu' has a coffee espresso, marsale and mascarpone italian trifle which is then dusted in dark chocolate topped with a strawberry... On the side, are 2 lady fingers... Might sound weird for a name but they're sweet and light sponge cakes which are shaped like a finger.. Usually you wouldn't see whole lady fingers in tiramisu cakes so I was quite amused when I saw it...
Quite big in size and I liked the presentation of it instead of the usual just layered tiramisu with nothing else... This also came with a side of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.. Though if it's a hot summer day, the ice cream would easily melt.. So keep that in mind.. Waiter was really nice though funny thing was he made a joke and told me to eat it all up before F got back... The blend of the coffee and mascarpone really came out not too strong nor too light.. I've tried tiramisus where they had lacked the coffee taste and the mascarpone had overpowered, or also the other way around... Flat White was okay, but nothing special...
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