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Taro's Ramen & Cafe, Adelaide St, Brisbane CBD

November 24, 2013

Taro's Ramen still seems to be one of the best ramen places there is in Brisbane.. Of course there has been a few more opening up after it but for some reason, nothing can beat Taro's yet... Unless you're looking for other types of ramen then maybe you might be able to find something else, but this specific ramen, you won't be able to... Although it is not in the middle of Queen St Mall, it is in a walking distance and it isn't far if you really think about it...

We ordered two different ramen along with a side of 'Charsiu Sampler' which consists of 1x Soyneck Charsiu and 2x Salt Loin Charsiu.. The difference between these two types of charsius is that the Soyneck Charsiu is a Bangalow Sweet pork, neck fillet which is slowly cooked in a stock after being prepared in the oven. The intention for this paticular charsiu cooking method is so that the meat juice remains in the meat but the marination seeps into the meat which gives the charsiu its juicy and soft texture. As for the Salt Loin Charsiu, it is also a Bangalow Sweet Pork however, it is a sirloin massaged with salt and then roasted in the oven and due to the fact that the salt loin is leaner than the soyneck, it is cut thinly.  
'Tonkotsu Ramen' ($14.8) is what I consider the signature ramen.. Most ramen places would have this ramen and I think I do prefer this ramen than the others... It has that hearty meat flavour and somehow has that tad creamy consistency too... Their ramen is made from super rich stock from Bangalow Sweet pork bone.. Their noodles are called Hakata noodles which simply is a Hakata style thin straight noodles.. Topped with charsiu, nori (seaweed), egg (omg... the egg is the best... they can somehow always cook it half boiled, i have no idea how they manage to keep the timing so good for all the eggs but ye..) and sesame seeds..
'Shoyu Ramen' ($13.8) is a different type of ramen when compared to the tonkotsu ramen, their stock is made from a blend of vegetable, chicken and dried seafood broth which they call it the Golden Triple Soup.. The soup is flavoured with aged soy sauce, shallots, dried scallop and pork infused oil.. The soup was nice and abit more tangy and saltier than the tonkotsu's broth... 
All topped with soy neck charsiu, egg, roasted nori, bamboo shoots, shallots and sesame seeds.. I still preferred the Tonkotsu ramen rather than the Shoyu..

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