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Restaurant Manx, Portside Wharf, Hamilton, Brisbane

November 23, 2013

Restaurant Manx is one of the many restaurants located in Portside wharf, offering a variety of Modern Australian dishes.. Although there are other restaurants surrounding it, other ranges from Asian to Middle Eastern cuisines or sushi to ice creams... A medium sized restaurant next to the entrance to the cinema and Sono restaurant.. Arrived around lunchtime and only 2 or 3 seats were taken, however as soon as we were seated, a few more diners started to come in but overall, was quite an empty and slow day..

Side Entrance of restaurant
Indoor seating with a wine collection at the end of the room
Wine collection
We started off with an entree of 'Toasted Turkish Bread' ($9) with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dukkah... A simple but nice presentation with what seems to be a whole loaf of turkish bread instead of just slices of it.. Warm and soft bread with a crusty crust... 
The dukkah blended in well when mixed and dipped with the turkish bread along with the balsamic and the olive oil... Surely you won't be able to finish it all off unless you double or triple dip of course...
'Natural Oysters' ($36).. 1/2 dozen of natural is $18 whilst the dozen oysters are $36.. As for the Kilpatrick, 1/2 dozen ($20) and dozen ($38)..
Oysters simply presented on a bed of rock sea salt, with rocket and two slices of lemons on the side.. Although I have to say, the amount of sea salt used might be a bit too much and may be a waste..
And now for the mains, '30 day grain fed eye fillet' ($28) came with a serve of sweet garlic mash, asparagus, truffled forest mushroom and sherry jus... All this was placed on a big white plate and the different colours of each components made the plate that extra presentable..

Sweet garlic mash was quite different than the sweet potato mash, or the normal mash potato or even the truffle mash.. So it was quite a tad different in taste.. The sherry jus was just quite enough for the steak and the mash...
The steak was medium and was well cooked... It blended well with the mash and the sherry jus.. Next main dish that arrived on our table was the 'Seafood Linguine' ($26) which consisted of linguine pasta, a selection of seafood simply tossed in garlic, chives, olive oil and fresh chilli.. Although the fresh chilli was sliced thinly, it had the strong zing taste that a red chilli would, especially the fact that they didn't get rid of the fresh chilli's seeds.. I'm not a spicy food eater, but do eat some when it's not that spicy.. 
The selection of seafood was varied and it included big cuts as well and not just little itty bitty calamari mix cuts where you would occassionally see in other restaurants when you order seafood pastas or pizzas.. 
'Black Angus Steak Sandwich' ($18) consisted of swiss cheese, rocket, tomato and caramelised onions served with house cut chips.. I have to say, one of the best house cut chips I have eaten.. Reminded me of those steak chips at first, but their cut and the flavouring was just well and the amount of crispiness too... I may not have tried many house cut chips but I do reckon this one was good..
'Wild caught barramundi' ($28) served with olive polenta cake, sauteef spinach, tomato tapenade and chardonnay cream... Does look pretty with their presentation and the chardonnay cream was something I had wanted to try as I found it quite interesting to have that in the menu.. 
The chardonnay cream was a sauce that caught my eyes and it was quite an interesting taste... However, the barramundi and the olive polenta cake was just normal for me... I've said it before and I'll say it again now, I'm not a fish kind of person when it comes to dining in restaurants, unless it's salmon.. Oh, anything salmon will just get my nod and my order definitely... 
I have heard that their breakfast menu was not as tasty as their lunch or dinner, so maybe next time when you do come and have a try, try their lunch or dinner first.. I too haven't tried their breakfast so I cannot exactly comment on it... And also, bookings are essential, as that's what they say on their website, but I guess it depends when you come in, the time and day... 

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