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New Chung San, Chermside, Brisbane

November 12, 2013

Chinese restaurants has always been everywhere, in every suburbs.. So along the sides of Gympie rd, there's a chinese building on the left of the road if you're driving towards the city.. It's usually quite empty during lunch but gets busier during dinner.. I've been here before but didn't get the chance to write about it..
It's always better to order a few dishes and share it, that way you'll be able to have a taste of everything.. First dish that we ordered was their 'Combination seafood' was a mixture of seafood and greens in their special garlic sauce.. A simple dish is always nice to have with warm rice.. Portion was quite big, seafood seemed fresh and they didn't seem to be selfish with the seafood portion...
Chow Mein with combination meat (beef, pork, chicken) and assorted vegetables... Another classic dish and big portions too... It all mixed in well with the crispy egg noodles which became a bit soggy after you've mixed it with the meat and its sauce as well... Though I found that the bbq pork wasn't as red as the other restaurants.. and the salad cuts, some were abit too big and was not consistent...
Crispy Skin Chicken.. A very famous dish which everyone would know of... A simple dish which involves dipping your chicken into the five spice salt... Not boneless, but I guess some may say that's the fun of it... Also came with some colourful prawn crackers..
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