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369 Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle, Jl. Jemursari 101, Surabaya, Indonesia

March 04, 2014

My first stop when I arrived in Surabaya was a Shanghainese Dumpling & Noodle restaurant called 369..They currently have many branches opened all around Surabaya, including in Jakarta and Shanghai. However, the Jakarta and Shanghai branch doesn't seem to be as successful as the ones in Surabaya..
Interior wise is simple, red plastic sofas with dark brown tables, chinese photography framed up on the red walls.. 
Started off with just a 'Es Teh Tawar', which is Iced Tea without sugar, the most popular simplest drink you could ever get and is always definitely available in any restaurants.. Also, usually, in most restaurants, they would give you a small plate of 'Acar' which are just thinly sliced cucumber pickles, though usually also includes small whole green chilli.. Usually pickles are cut roughly but here, they're thinly sliced..
For starters, we bought 'Babat Hitam' which is Black Tripe.. Some of you may look at it and get grossed out, but look, some people who has never tried various foods before may have a negative thought about it, what it may look like in real life, what it may taste and so on.. But sometimes, those type of food that we have never tried before, isn't actually as bad as we though it would be.. I'm not sure of the prices in this restaurant as I forgot to take notes of the prices and all (I know.. my fault..) Well basically, Black Tripe may be considered one of the many delicacies in the whole world, and although many people don't like it, it has been around since the old days, and now in Asia, is eaten by people young and old (if they do like the dish..) Texture wise, it's chewy, kind of reminds me of jellyfish.. It does tend to crumple up together, and you don't need a whole heap of seasoning or sauce to make it taste yummy, i prefer it simple..
'Mie Ayam Jamur' which is Chicken and Mushroom noodles, a simple dish but truly loved amongst many.. Soup is also served by its side which people would add bit by bit of the soup or all of it to the noodle.. However, some may like their noodles by itself and the soup by itself as well.. Depends on personal preference and how you like to eat it..
'Kuo Tie' is basically pan fried dumplings.. Some may know it as jiao zi or the japanese may call it gyoza.. Pan fried lightly which doesn't leave that heavy grilled or pan fried mark on the dumpling skin.. Comes with soy sauce and chilli where you can dip it in.. I like mine simple so I usually either eat it plain or dip it a little on the soy sauce.. Filled with pork meat, served hot so be careful of the pork broth which may splurt out of the inside.. Skin was quite thin though the pork meat was sufficient..
'Nasi Goreng 369' is the restaurant's classic fried rice dish.. It has various ingredients including egg, shrimp, vegetables, lap chong (chinese sausage) and more.. The highlight is always the lap chong that steals it away.. The sauce and spices that they used in this dish really did it make me authentic and really reminds me of home.. You always get those white riced fried rice in Aussie which I'm not a big fan of, and when I cook fried rice, I would always have let's say, kecap manis (Sweet soy sauce) or oyster sauce or a mixture of different sauces to blend in and balance the sauces and taste..
Portion wise is enough to share between two people or even a group of four, however if you're a big eater, then order more, since price wise, if you compare it AUD, then yes, it is cheap.. But not to many people who live here.. One of the yummiest fried rice I have eaten is this one..
Decoration isn't that big in this type of restaurants, well not to the extreme as in fine dining restaurants of course.. So 2 sliced cucumbers on the side, and the way that people like to eat it which you may try is not actually eating it along with the fried rice, but to dip the cucumbers into the sweet soy sauce which you may get given and bite it.. However, if you wanted to bite it along with eating your fried rice, then please do so.. again, it depends on how each individual like to eat and eat..
'Bakpao Tiongkok' also known as what we would call it here as Pork Belly Buns.. yes, the mouthwatering pork belly (especially the fat.. gosh... naughty..) inside a soft white bun.. Braised pork belly is given in two seperate plates, one for the pork belly and the other for the buns..
Soft white buns really complimented the pork belly well.. Some may say that you can get frozen buns online, yes you can, but then if you wanted to make it from scratch, it's also rather easy I reckon.. Making buns at home is simple, you just need the most simplest ingredients such as water, flour, yeast, salt and/or sugar, and that's all.. The pork belly has been braised for hours which makes the meat soft, however this one does not have your typical crispy skin, but I found it a bit hard and not as soft as it is usually.. Last time when I came here, I found that the pork belly were softer..
The way you eat this, well you guessed it, since it's everywhere nowadays.. You put the pork in the bun (duhh..) and bite it, but be careful of the sauce that might drip on the side.. Though I do like to dip it in the remaining sauce in the plate everytime I take a bit because it just gives more flavour to the buns... There's not many restaurants that sells pork belly buns but I better go to one and give it a try and maybe compare it to how Asia does it huh..

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