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Hachi Hachi Bistro, 4th Floor, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

March 31, 2014

Missing our sushi from Brisbane, we decided to go to Hachi Hachi Bistro which is located on the 4th Floor of Galaxy Mall in Surabaya. It was quite empty seeing the time was around lunchtime, however since there were a huge range of varieties of different restaurants available, it may lead to higher competition and most people would probably opt for either the food court or the chinese restaurants. There were only a few tables filled when we arrived and the waiter kindly showed us to our seats.

First up was the 'Black Dragon Roll', ebi tempura rolled with eel on top and a dollop of mayonnaise and black caviar. The wasabi was cube shaped which was quite cute since usually there would just be pinched like a mountain. Sadly, it didn't meet to our expectations, the eel was dry and was so tiny, not like the usual that I've eaten around. The ebi tempura was okay but overall, the dish was quite dry. It was not special or nothing extra ordinary. The crunchy extras weren't as crunchy either and it seemed as if they have just been froze or put aside for a long time, until it has lost its texture and flavour. However, the worse of all was just the eel.
I'm not too sure of what this was but I think it was one of the fusionised sushi roll. It was filled with ebi tempura again, topped with some sort of cheese topping and with sambal (chilli sauce). The taste was quite weird, but again for some reason we found it quite dry, both a bit of the rice and the ebi tempura as well. It was a fusionised dish but I didn't feel like it was, the only difference was that sambal was drizzled on top of the sushi.
'Peking Salmon roll' was another interesting sushi dish on the menu so we decided to try it. It had salmon on top with peking duck sauce, mayo and caviar, each sushi slice was seperated by a wonton skin which was crispy but dry.. The salmon was not fresh nor was it sliced fairly, it was very thin, thinner than those smoked salmon you could get from Woolies or such..

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