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Jade Imperial, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

March 26, 2014

Jade Imperial is one of the many restaurants located in Galaxy Mall in Surabaya.. Opened their first branch in early 2000 and has since then served Chinese food bringing skilled chefs from Hong Kong and China.. They have a wide range of dim sum options, along with fresh live seafood..
Since there was a deal going on of buy 2 La-mian dishes and get a choice of dimsum for free, we opt to take it.. We chose the classic simple yet delicious 'Siu-mai' which is minced pork dumplings with shrimp, mushrooms, ginger and onions and while some may mix in crab meat, it varies from restaurants to restaurants.. Siu Mai is always a classic dish where many will just simply say that they all taste similar, which I do have to agree.. Although I have tried some where their spices and herbs may be a bit stronger than others..
 We ordered a side dish along to add to our meals as we thought it could take a while until the La Mians that we've ordered to arrive.. 'Shimeji Mushroom in Spice Salt', though from the picture, it looked liked more than just spice salt.. This dish somewhat reminded me of a Salt & Pepper Whitebait dish that I ate in a Sunnybank restaurant.. It just had that similar look on the menu.. For those who aren't familiar with Shimeji mushrooms, these mushrooms are one of the third popular Japanese mushrooms (after Shitake and Enoki). They can also be called Beech mushrooms because of their growth falling off beech trees. They do somehow reminds me of Enoki mushrooms but fatter in both their stalk and caps. Don't eat them raw as they apparently have this bittery taste. They are a wonderful combination to go with noodle dishes such as noodle soups, or simply just soups or stews would be good too..
These shimeji mushrooms were slightly battered with leftover batter placed on top of them which gives that prettier outlook overall when presented.. The spice salt just tasted like salt and pepper with a hint of chilli.. Crispy seaweed was added into the dish to make it not look too bland with its fried mushrooms' colour.. The shimeji mushrooms were small and I quite liked how the batter too already had spices and herbs in it which made the mushrooms more enjoyable to eat.. It was not too salty nor was it bland either.. The crispiness of the batter was enough to not overlook the mushroom's taste.
Before I tell you the La Mian dishes that we ordered, let me give you a summary of what La Mian is which I think many chinese restaurants do lack this type of noodle.. La Mian is a a type of Chinese noodle and is made by continuously stretching and folding the dough into strands.. Usually skilled chefs would demonstrate La Mian making through their glass kitchen.. La Mians may have its various sizes and thickness due to the number of times the dough gets folded and pulled, chefs are able to control this technique in order to get their wanted noodle thickness..
'Tom Yum La Mian with seafood' is simply La Mian noodles served in a Tom Yum broth soup with seafood.. Assorted seafood was served (prawns, scallop, squid, octopus etc). The Tom Yum soup was quite strong in taste its spicyness and sourness blended in well and was balanced.. The La Mian noodle however was placed only in one side of the noodles which I don't know if it would be a benefit or not, since you would have to seperate the noodles first before digging into the dish..
'La Mian with Stewed Beef Brisket'.. I was not too hungry and I wanted to eat a simple dish and was quite fond when I saw this in the menu.. I was not feeling like rice though there were quite a few rice dishes which caught my eye.. Beef brisket has always been a win for me when it comes down to a range of chinese beef dishes.. Its softness and melt-in-your-mouth just takes you away..
When the dish arrived at my table, I wasn't quite sure whether the broth would have a strong taste to allow the noodle to be not bland, and would it affect the stewed beef brisket as well? In the end, yes and no.. The stewed beef brisket had quite a few chunks of just fat which I was not too happy about.. I do sometimes like the fat part of meats but not when there's a whole heap in a dish.. The meat was also not to what I was expecting as it was not easily-pulled-apart nor was it as soft as I liked it to be.. A few more hours or even just 2 hours would have done it justice I think.. The flavour of the beef brisket however was great, I think that they were able to balance the soy sauce well and allowed the meat to absorb the sauce well.. As for the broth, I thought that it could be better if it had a bit more of spices or salt abit since I found it to be a bit bland, but the flavour of the beef brisket did make up for the lack of the broth's taste..

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