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Din Tai Fung, Taman Anggrek Mall, West Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

March 11, 2014

Prawn Mayonnaise
I'm not usually a big fan of Din Tai Fung, not being biased, but it never really caught my eye.. The very first Din Tai Fung started as a humble stall in Taiwan in the year 1974, and since then, it has expanded its restaurants worldwide including Japan, China, Indonesia, Australia etc. I didn't try it when I was in China, maybe because there were other restaurants that seemed more appealing but we were quite tired walking around and wanted to get a quick easy dinner so we came here..

Prawn Mayonnaise
Although this dish may be simple, I have loved it since young, Prawn Mayonnaise, is basically cooked prawn covered in Mayo, some may add pineapple cubes or so as a touch up or add black sesame seed. Some restaurants do use various mayo so it some may taste sweeter or so on than another. This was okay, but I found that the more you eat it, you might feel sick because of the mayo.
Homemade tofu with 3 different types of mushrooms
'Homemade Tofu with 3 different types of mushrooms' was quite an interesting dish. The tofu was lightly fried, topped with bits of seaweed which I found to be quite interesting. The sauce was quite nice but could have been a bit too salty. The mushrooms and the vegetables was just okay, nothing special.
'Shanghainese Smoked Fish' was fish fillets battered and covered in soy sauce. I found that the fish itself was quite nice but the fact that it was covered all over with the soy sauce, ruined the crispiness and the smoked fish's flavour.
Shanghainese smoked fish

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