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The Burrow, West End, Brisbane

May 26, 2014

The Burrow, located in West End, just around the surroundings of the ever-known Three Monkeys and Gunshop Cafe.. A place which you won't miss due to its design, on a queenslander which you would figure out once you enter but from the front, a wooden house, with trees at the sides..
The Burrow's lunch menu & drink menu
I thought these were salt n pepper shakers, but they weren't..
Outside on the 2nd level patio seating
Somewhat homey feel with all of the vintage books and knick knacks
Comic strip covered wall
1st floor outdoor seating, no cover, chalk art
What the entrance looks like..
The cashier and pastry glass display..
Now for the food and drinks.. We started off with just tap water and two of their iced drinks, Ice Latte ($5) and 'Homemade peppermint and earl grey iced tea with lemon and mint, pink grapefruit and ginger syrup' ($6). Though the Ice latte was just so-so, the Homemade Iced tea was quite different. The combination of the grapefruit and the ginger syrup surprisingly blended in well, along with the hint of mint along side it. Mint leaves and a palm tree stirrer and a straw was amongst the touches, however it would have been nice to see restaurants using tea leaves instead of tea bags..
We weren't quite sure of what to order, so we decided to get ourselves 2 pizzas and 2 burgers. The food didn't take long to come out, maybe around 30mins max or so.. The first pizza that we ordered was 'Barbarossa' ($15) which consisted of Turkish style lamb, red onion, capsicum, mushroom, mozarella & tabouleh with yogurt dressing. This was such a pretty pizza to look at, the messiness didn't make a difference as you could tell that the topping was not in an insufficient amount..
Barbarossa Pizza
 The crust was not thick, nor was it too thin so the topping didn't outweigh nor made the crust soggy.. I don't quite like pizzas who end up like that.. The topping was definitely plenty and ended up quite filling in the end.. By the size of the pizza, we weren't quite sure of how we would be able to finish another pizza coming up plus two burgers..

Second pizza was the 'Big Voodoo Daddy' ($15) had pulled pork tinga, jerk chicken, cajun sausage, red onions, mozarella topped with bourbon BBQ glaze and fresh coleslaw. This was quite a meaty pizza but the fresh coleslaw was a nice touch, with it being sliced red cabbage and carrots which was quite nice. I don't particularly like those cubed vegetables or cubed coleslaw (other than KFC's since they're an exception.. hahah).
Though when I do compare both pizzas together, I can't really choose which I liked best.. I guess if I was wanting a meaty pizza, then the Big Voodoo Daddy it is.. But if I wanted a turkish fusioned pizza, then it would be the Barbarossa.. But maybe for today, the Big Voodoo Daddy won my taste..
Now for the burgers, surprisingly they were quite big in size and some curly fries were placed as sides however they weren't as crispy so that was a let down.. When compared to those hog-tail fries in Hogs Breath, they were crispy and nice, but these weren't.
 'Jack Rabbit Slim Burger' ($16) was a Wagyu beef patty, beer cheese, Brooklyn pickles, tomato, onion jam, bourbon BBQ glaze and sour cream.. Quite a burger for that price I reckon, when you tend to compare it to other burger places, they might sell at a higher price but then less filling which kind of lets you down.. Presentation wise, not sure what they were trying to do with the curly fries here, but it was just scattered everywhere, some covering the soy sauce glaze on the plate and many of the fries tend to stick together which was quite annoying.
 As you can see, the wagyu beef patty was huge in size and it was such a lovely patty, moist on the inside. However the bun was not as nice or soft as I liked it to be, it was rather a bit dry and was abit hard to chew..
The sauce of the burger won our hearts, it was such a well combined sauce and it all blended in well with the burger. Though you may get some drips here and there when biting into the burger, so watch out for messy hands..
Next was the 'Frankenreubenstein' ($17) which was a New York style corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and brooklyn pickles on rye. This was the least favourite dish for me as it just reminded me of a simple cheese burger.
The corned beef was quite moist as well which was nice, but again with the bread, wasn't to my liking. I thought that a bit more sauce would have been nice as it was just quite plain.. but overall, we seemed to be happy with both our pizza and burger orders.

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