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Fine Food Queensland, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

July 14, 2014

I know, I know.. this may be very late to post but I have quite been busy and since currently being on uni holidays, I might say.. I do have more time to do this and that and trying to update and post as much as I can, though maybe not too much because then the blog will get bombarded.. Well, here is my review of the annual event of Fine Food Queensland which was also held in Western Australia but Fine Food Queensland was held this year in April. For a thorough introduction regarding the event, please click Fine Food Queensland and read about it.

Drinks at Fine Food
Since there are many participating companies and brands, there were also panel discussions amongst chef discussing the hospitality industry, live kitchen battles, free masterclasses and so much more. Amongst 3 different days, different programs are present which may suit or may not suit your time. I did have a hiccup on the first day, Sunday, which made me waste so much time in even coming since there was trouble and confusion regarding my identity and so on, resulting in me not being able to enter the event on the Sunday. Luckily, things got sorted out and I came to the event on the Monday.
'The Wholesale Coffee Market' held by Di Bella Coffee
Though I did not have enough time to attend all that was offered, I did manage to learn about different aspects regarding both food and drinks, also being able to interact with both owners and sellers regarding their products and the industry. Though some may not be as friendly as others, nor may they start to approach you or get your interest, there were definitely knowledge that you were able to pick up and learn while attending the event.
Designer Furniture Store showcasing the various furnitures available for your next project
Mini Coffee at 'Adore Estate Coffee'
Have you ever wondered who sells those cardboard takeaway boxes? coffee cups? cardboard mini noodle boxes? Well, they do..
Wooden plates and boxes
Now sushi machines might just take over the workers who makes the sushi rolls.. Well, that's what I think..
Folding your seaweed? Portioning your rice? Cutting your finished sushi? All now can be done with these sushi machines..

Floral displays for cakes at Baking at Fine Food
Some varieties of different types of pies at Lorrie's
Would you believe if I said that these are frozen breads and pastries?
Who dares to say no to chocolate croissants?
I really hope they would have a store in Brisbane.. French desserts!!

Pizza Doughs
Different types of fudge
Mini cute waffles available.. both sweet and original flavoured
Arancini balls
I remember having these minis in Melbourne, filled with assorted risottos and then deep fried..
Business Sessions at Fine Food, where all the seminars and discussions happen..
Simple burritos to fill up your tummies while walking around..
Popcakes, you can make your own and place your toppings the way you like it..
Self-serve gelato machines..

Benfatti's Italian Foods products
Sicilian Cherry Tomato sauce, review of product coming up soon..

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