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Pizza Capers, Warrigal Square, Underwood, Brisbane

July 09, 2014

Pizza Capers, a Brisbane pizza chain specializing in gourmet pizzas and also offers a range of pasta and salads. A new limited edition range called 'Inferno Challenge' which involves a range of 2 pizza choices having that kick of spicyness more than your usual pizzas. The aim of this is basically to test your ability to handle the hotness.. Oh, and plus.. did I say that free mini Tabasco sauces was involved?
We were given a voucher to taste the whole Inferno range consisting of Corn Empanadas, a packet of Inferno chicken wings and 2 pizzas (the chipotle pulled pork and the Chimichanga chorizo and prawn) and with the range, you were suppose to receive free mini Tabasco sauces.. When I arrived to order the pizzas and showed them the voucher, it took a while to process the order since they have never seen the voucher before so I had to show them a letter as well that came with the voucher which explained the media involved and a review that would be up online about the range and also explaining what the Inferno range was about.. But still, no improvement. The lady that served us ended up calling her boss to clarify things up and then finally, our order was finally in.. However, whilst putting in the order, the lady noted that there would be no Free Tabasco sauces for me since they have ran out of it which I was quite surprised of since first, the range is still out, it is still available and yet, a part of the meal can't be given as a part of the meal since they have ran out. Yes, maybe they have ran out of it but I don't find this as an exception as if you advertise something, then you are obliged and expecting to be given that meal, not less or with parts of the meal missing. I did ask the lady but she could only say that they've ran out of the mini Tabasco sauces due to the popular demand. But again, if a meal is popular, wouldn't you be more inclined to order more or keep more as back up?

Waited for about 15minutes and we received our order (unfortunately, minus the free mini tabasco sauces which I was expecting to receive..) The pizzas seems to be the same sizes as the usual takeaway pizza stores but the Empanadas and the Inferno Chicken Wings were packed quite nicely in their own little boxes.
Shredded cheese & Chipotle Dipping sauce
First up for the sides were the Inferno Wings (6 for $8.95) which was oven roasted chicken wings marinated filled with flavour and with shallots for decoration I guess.. The skin was a bit sticky but the meat was nice and moist, it did have that chilli taste which gave it a little kick.
The only mini Tabasco sauce that we received was the one that was given to us by the company who contacted us to try out the Inferno range. Still quite upset that no mini Tabasco sauces were given by Pizza Capers themselves..
'Corn Empanadas' (6 for $10.95) was a petite and quite interesting to have that as an offer at a Pizza store. Filling was little cubed vegetables also had enough flavour in them but the pastry could have been a bit crispier than how it was. However, the pastry had that nice oven taste though it may look a bit black, it wasn't burnt and the filling was not affected.
'Chipotle Pulled Pork' ($19.95), tender pulled pork spread generously on a fiery red bean salsa, topped with Spanish onion, roasted capsicum, garlic, smoked chipotle peppers in an Adobo sauce and mozarella.. I have to say, I quite felt the spicy kick.. Maybe that's because although I may be asian, I don't tend to be quite a spicy eater though my whole family is but that may be because I've been here most of my life. It was presented nicely with big chunks of smoked chipotle peppers and pulled pork.. I do get abit soft when it comes to pulled pork. I think that what made this pizza spicy would definitely be the Smoked chipotle peppers, even we had to take it out of the pizza and put them aside.
'Chimichanga Chorizo & Prawn' ($21.95), spicy chorizo slices, handful of prawns topped with hot salsa and smokey black bean chipotle, spanish onion, roasted red peppers, corn and mozarella finished with signature chipotle mayo and Tabasco spices. Although I liked the pulled pork pizza minus the hotness, the prawn and chorizo also had a lot of flavour packed into it but was quite different when compared to the pulled pork pizza.
The black bean was a nice touch and blended well with the prawn and chorizo along with the chipotle mayo. This wasn't as spicy as the pulled pork pizza at all
Overall, the pizzas did live up to its word with the pizzas being spicy, the chipotle pulled pork was definitely spicier than the chimichanga chorizo and prawn, and all but was a bit dissapointed with no mini tabasco sauce to try and give it that extra kick.

*mynameisFood. was provided with a voucher for the Inferno range from Pizza Capers.

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