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Newsroom Cafe, High St, Toowong, Brisbane

July 16, 2014

Was wandering around Toowong one day and found this cafe in the corner in front of Toowong Village. I've kind of seen it but maybe didn't really pay much attention to it as it didn't really appeal to me as much. Though on this day, for some reason, I ended up here.. I've only glanced across it when going from Uni to Train Station but I guess it was time for me to try it as it seemed kind of the only decent cafe around..
A humble interior, counter and some seats are offered out front

'Smoked Salmon Open Grill' ($10), dill philly, smoked salmon, spanish onion and capers all topped on a slice of toasted sourdough finished with rocket and pesto aioli. It's interesting when different restaurants or cafes starts to serve unique aiolis such as pesto aioli, sweet chilli aioli, horseradish aioli and so on.. 
Presented nicely on a white plate, pepper and salt is available on the side of each tables and portion was efficient. The dill philly was quite nice, especially when eaten with the smoked salmon and capers together. I have no idea why capers are so good with salmon, but believe me, they definitely are..
'Pepper Beef Filo' was a special of the day which comes with a choice of salad on the side (either Greek or Garden). Though many of you may know about Filo pastries, many don't. Well, a Filo is a type of thin pastry which is made out of unleavened flour dough with a little amount of oil or butter. The technique in how to make it that thin, is to be able to progressively continuously rolling and stretching it to a thin and very large sheet of pastry. Just reminds me of the chinese noodle, La Mian, how the chefs would have to keep breaking and flipping and stretching the noodle to get it that chewy but soft and thin texture in the noodle
The filling in the filo was quite nice, with big chunks of braised beef which I thought would be just minced beef but it didn't turn out that way. The pepper marinate was really strong and tasted much nicer than those chunky pepper beef pies if compared. The salad on the side chosen was the Greek, a simple salad which has the typical tomato, red onions, cucumbers and olives and a tad of balsamic vinegar.
Greek Salad on the side..

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