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Fish Market Cafe & Christie's Seafood Excellence, Sydney Fish Market, Pyrmont, Sydney

July 04, 2014

Sydney Fish Market is one of those destinations you must definitely go to when visiting Sydney or even in Sydney. The freshest seafood you can find, from oysters to sashimi, from fried or grilled seafood, anything you can think of about seafood, you can get it here. We ate at 2 places 'Fish Market Cafe' and 'Christie's Seafood Excellence' which was just by the main entrance. There are many different stalls offering different types of seafood but some are just simple competitors offering similar seafood, which most are from the very best local markets.

Tonnes of fresh seafood coming in every single morning and is open 7 days. May look like a factory or such from the outside, but inside, seafood heaven, all the seafood you want, the freshest, find them all here.
Atlantic Salmon Sashimi ($49.90/kg)
Pacific Oysters ($16.90/kg)
Crabs at Peter's Fish Market
Bought ourselves 'Salmon Sashimi' ($49.90/kg) from Christie's Seafood Excellence and you could see just from the display that they had that fresh colour. Not like some of those salmon sashimi you get that's a bit off coloured in restaurants or in those seafood shops around.
I think we bought about $15 worth or so of salmon sashimi and look at those thick cuts and bright colour.. Yummy! and it sure was definitely.. Look at how fresh they are..
We wanted to get our dose of fresh fried seafood so we went to Fish Market Cafe which was just near Christie's Seafood Excellence and their display showed various types of already deep-fried and grilled seafood. They also have seafood platters which are cold as well..
Unlike the other seafood stalls, this had seats allowing diners to eat instead of having to find seats somewhere else or maybe even just for a takeaway. Menu is on top on their front counter, the queue doesn't seem to stop. More customers coming in and ordering, and keeps coming.. 
We ordered their 'Fried Seafood Platter' which consisted of calamari rings, fried white bait, battered prawns, fried squid, salt and pepper prawns, soft shell crab, battered fish, battered seafood pieces all served with chips underneath it all. Served on a big black plastic plate, maybe the plate may not be enough to even eat messily..
Soft Shell Crab

The Sydney Fish Market is definitely a place that needs to be visited, get yourself a seafood platter to share, or even gobble down fresh seafood and you'll wonder whether the restaurants you've been to that sells seafood are even fresh at all since these seafood are the freshest you could ever see them to be or taste them..

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