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Fu Hao Hong Kong Cuisine, Meritus Hotel, Surabaya, Indonesia

January 23, 2015

Fu Hao Hong Kong Cuisine is located at the Meritus Hotel in Surabaya. It offers great Hong Kong dishes as well as Yum Cha. Although it may be the best in Surabaya, the restaurant gives a nice ambience and also good food but their customer service may be a bit slow.. We decided to order their Peking Duck and a few other dishes as well.

Shark Fin soup

This dish is light, fluffy and crunchy and you are also able to get them here in Aussie too but just probably cooked a bit differently, also spiced and served differently. It is basically similar to Salt and Pepper Tofu, although it isn't Tahu Pong (Tofu Pong), as it isn't as dry. It was crumbed beautifully, fried well and not too oily when served.
'Prawn Mayo' is always a great refreshing dish to have when having various food on the table. I've always loved it since I was young and still do until now. Although, various restaurants makes this dish differently. The good thing about their prawn mayo here was that the prawns were big in portion and also, the mayo was not very strong as in tangy wise, but was creamy and subtle.
When you order Peking Duck, one of the fun things to do is watch the chef carve the duck skin ever so thinly for the Peking Duck Pancakes aka. the first course.. Sometimes some restaurants may allow you to make your own pancakes, while others tend to make it in front of you and divide the amount made to everyone on the table.. Some may enjoy just simply making it by themselves, but some may just enjoy eating it without getting their hands dirty.
The second course is always a choice between San Choy Bow or usually a Stir Fried Noodles with duck meat.. If you aren't feeling like noodles or just stir fried duck meat, then opt in San Choy Bow as I feel that this second course is also yet, another fun dish to eat.
 You are given a plate full of duck meat being diced and stir fried with spices and herbs and the way you eat this dish is to place some meat on the lettuce wrap, wrap it carefully and eat the wrap.. It just reminds me of Korean BBQ Lettuce wrap when you have to wrap your BBQ meat in a lettuce wrap or in a sesame leaf wrap while putting a bit of garlic of Gochujang on top.

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