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My Kopi-O!, Sutos, Surabaya, Indonesia

January 14, 2015

My Kopi-O located in Sutos, Surabaya offers a wide range of various dishes from Malaysian to Japanese. Although their main focus is more on the South East Asian side, they do serve a decent Japanese meal if you are ever looking for it in Sutos. The mall itself gets pretty quiet during daytime, though the restaurants do too with office workers coming in for lunch or meetings or so. However, when it reaches evening till night, this mall gets quite crowded but with its open space and sometimes live music, makes it a decent place to eat out at other than the other shopping malls around. Be aware that this mall is basically, mostly filled with restaurants and not many boutiques or such.

'Ice Lychee Tea' (left) and Ice Lemon Tea' (right) (IDR 20k - AUD$2) was quite refreshing, a few lychees and slices of lemon were in each of the respective drinks. We didn't want sugar as it can get too sweet over here when you just order it by its own and they tend to put alot of sugar. Served in a simple Jar, I guess they are trending with serving drinks in a Jar too huh?
'Seaweed Fries' (IDR36.8 - AUD$3.7) and to be honest, if the name says Seaweed Fries, I would have expected alot of seaweed but nope, not this one. Although the fries were fried well, crispy and all, but the amount of seaweed was just definitely not enough. I think I had to ask for more seaweed toppings in the end because it just seemed like we ordered normal fries with just a sprinkle of seaweed which is ridiculous.
'Chicken Karaage Miso Ramen' was served nicely with the Chicken Karaage skewers placed on top of the ramen and not combined inside which I particularly do get annoyed at since the meat tends to get soggy when you start eating it. The miso ramen was not the best I have eaten, but it was alright, not too bad I guess. It had a mixture of seaweed, half boiled egg and bits and pieces of bok choy. The egg, was boiled thoroughly, giving not the usual half-boiled oozy egg yolk sadly. The ramen seemed that it was not handmade but out of a packet, but that didn't really bother me as much. The miso soup did have that distinct miso flavour but was not strong.

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