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Rosari Rumah Makan, Surabaya, Indonesia

January 20, 2015

I love my Satays everytime I go to Indonesia wherever it may be. However, I do think that Surabaya has more authentic and more delicious satays. Pork Satay is one I do love, and a definite recommendation is Rosari Rumah Makan at Jl. Raya Jemur Andayani in Surabaya. A humble but local restaurant, don't dress up, just come in dressing comfortably and rock up. Do get about more than one portion that Satay because you will want more of it..

We bought 10x Pork Satay (Sate Babi) and whilst ordering it, you would usually get asked or if you don't, you can choose either all meat or meat + fat. If you like your crispy fats, then I would recommend to get them both meat + fat, well, I would always get the mix and not the meat itself because I feel that in Satays, all meats is great, but the fat just gives it that extra deliciousness and a more fun feeling when eating the satay.
A generous serving of their meat and fat skewered, and I do have to say, that if you do order the mix of meat + fat, don't worry about being lied on being given more fats than the meat because it is either half half or more meat than fats which it usually is anyway. If you only want little fat, then tell them and they will be happily do it for you. They do skewer it fresh after you order what you want, so don't worry about pre-packaged or pre-skewered satays here. Being grilled/barbecued over charcoal fire is the best definitely, giving it that smoky texture and smell. The sauce you get won't be your typical peanut sauce, but will be a simple sweet soy sauce, freshly chopped onions and sambal on the side. When eating it, I do recommend rolling your satay on the sauce before eating it.
Bak Kut Teh is a traditional herbal chinese soup consisting of pork ribs simmered in a complex broth of herbs and spices for hours. Although the name has Teh (Tea) in it, the dish actually has no traces of tea itself, however it does refer to having Oolong Chinese Tea to drink with along with the dish. The soup itself has a rather strong taste and has that slight sweet and sour flavour too. Eat it by itself or eat it with warm rice, or would I have to say a good alternative if you want a bit of meat when you are sick but is bored of your typical Congee/Porridge.

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