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JJ Royal Brasserie, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta

January 28, 2015

JJ Royal Brasserie opened in 2013 and I did come in 2014, but had trouble locating my photos after a problem with my HD. However, finally I found it and here it is. Although it's late, I do apologize but I'm pretty sure their menu hasn't really changed as much nor has its locations. So, a little starter about JJ Royal Brasserie.. Located in Lotte Shopping Avenue aka. Ciputra World in Jakarta, managed by the Foodie Habit Group, it has caught people's eye by its elegant but playful interior. I do have a thing about mix matching too much colours and different designs, interior wise and also art wise in one room, though some people may say it is quite daring and may be seen different from the eyes of everyone.

Walking in, it seemed very crowded, not in terms of people sitting down and eating, but interior wise. The restaurant is divided into indoors and outdoors, indoors being more playful and colourful with its interior whilst outdoor has a more elegant touch. Their is a DJ in house but it didn't feel like it, not sure whether the restaurant was suppose to target pop music being mixed with beats or maybe they're going for more a club scene but the interior didn't match or maybe they were trying to go for elegance, I was quite confused with what they were trying to do here.
Its graphic design is based on an inspired anime caricature of Japanese Geishas with various different costumes, suiting on their location in the painting or much so. All ceiling, walls and chairs are covered by it. It can get too crowded to some people's liking but not to others. I guess they tried to make it relate with its name 'JJ Royal' by having the human-like dolls in the paintings wearing royal costumes, traditional costumes.. Furthermore, it all depends on the eye, some may enjoy it and like it, whilst others may not.
Starting with the drinks (Left to Right), we ordered 'Emperator Virgin Mojito' (IDR55k - AUD$5.5), a non-alcoholic drink with lychee, mint leaves, sugar, lime juice and soda. A nice way of enjoying your usual Mojito where it doesn't have the kick of your usual rum but does it for you as a refreshing drink. 'Heineken Draught Regular' (IDR50k - AUD$5), who can fail a Heineken? No one. I was missing my good ol' beers since I've been in Jakarta..
I don't quite remember what this was, but I'm pretty sure it was a 'Lemon Iced Tea' (IDR25k - AUD$2.5)
We didn't neccessarily started off with the cronuts, however I knew that cronut craze was happening and that JJ Royal was apparently serving one of the best. So when we arrived, I was rather surprised and dissapointed too that many of their flavours were sold out or out of stock. When I asked the waiter, they didn't really know how to explain other than apologizing and saying that they just didn't have more in stock. However, the waiter had informed us there was only two flavours left, the 'La Dulche' and the 'Razzle Dazzle' (IDR20k - AUD$2) and so we bought one of each to have a try.
All these cronut craze happened all at once I have to say. Whether it's in Indonesia or in Australia, well well.. until now, everyone is going crazy about it. Buttery croissants shaped into a doughnut. What you really need in a cronut is that it shouldn't be too sweet, the layers are perfectly flaky and crispy in each bite. I quite prefer the original cronuts with maybe a little topping on top but I have seen and eaten some that is quite excessive and I find that it does ruin the whole purpose of cronuts as your tongue is absorbing all the sugar on top, drizzling, dripping and all the cream and all. The La Dulche was nice, crispy and the caramel on top was sweet but thankfully, it wasn't too much. I'm not sure if they were trying to serve this cold or hot, but when it came it was a bit cold which I didn't really like about it.
The Razzle Dazzle, had a lot more topping on top with a very sweet berry sauce, hints of raspberry pieces and in the middle of the cronut, custard was inserted. Kind of reminded me of a cronut sandwich but this was definitely sweeter than the La Dulche and I did prefer the La Dulche more compared to this one. However, the layers were flaky and crispy and was well done. I now quite understand why everyone were so hyped about the cronuts here though I haven't tried many restaurants that had cronuts here so there weren't much comparation for me at the time.
Quite a cute way of presenting the different types of chillies on a table instead of having to put in the little plates.
Now for the mains, the cronuts did fill us up so we just wanted to share a main or two between the three of us. You'll have to excuse me when I don't take notes or I forget too when there I do order a Special of the Day, a meal not in the menu and knowing that I'll be reviewing it and by the time I do, I have no idea what the name of the dish is or the price. So here it is, an entree we shared with an unknown name and price, but I'll try my best to describe it.
A slice of baguette, topped with corn relish and from what I remember was Tuna Pate. It was a refreshing and cooling starter but having a warm baguette would have been nice as it would have been easier to bite through but having the pate cold was fine for me. I enjoyed this dish but it may not have been to the local's taste since maybe they're not used to these kind of foods as much and would prefer the other simpler or more well known dishes.
'Prawn Linguine Aglio Olio' (IDR89 - AUD$8.9) with fresh prawns, pine nuts, garlic, chilli flakes and crunchy Ebi. I actually never order an Aglio Olio but after my dad ordered it numerous times, I started to like the simple Aglio Olio dish instead of my craze with pasta with pesto sauce. This dish however gave me that asian feel and maybe that was because of the strong hint of the crunchy Ebi added into the dish which they could have omitted to make it more of an Italian dish.
The pasta was cooked not fully right, not yet as 'al dente' as I'd like but it wasn't overcooked not undercooked as well. The addition of the chilli flakes had a kick in the dish which was nice and having the garlic and pine nuts, such a simple dish can be made into something quite nice. The downside for me was receiving only two fresh prawns and no, they weren't big either which was a shame. The basic flavour was there, the kick of the chilli and garlic was there, but a dull dish overall and the prawns, a let down.
Since there weren't much desserts left that was available on their glass display, this one called 'Big Red' (IDR40 - AUD$4) stood out from the crowd. Maybe because of its strong red colour or maybe just due to its girlyness and prettiness as well. Raspberry marmalade, fresh raspberries, vanilla brulee and almond macaron all in one little pastry that reminded me also of a big whoopie pie but not filled with only cream but bits and pieces too.
The Vanilla Brulee, the raspberry marmalade and the touch of fresh raspberries was great together. It really complements each other well and with the Almond macaron base and top, it was crunchy on the outside but when you crack it open with your fork, you can see that it has been cooked well. However, I did question why it was rather hollow near the outside. I was rather surprised that it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be, yes it was still a sweet pastry dish since it was raspberry.
Since we were still in the restaurant, eating and chatting away, we decided to order a 'Cafe Latte' (IDR30k - AUD$3), espresso blended with hot frothy milk topped with macaron crumbs and a little third of a brownie placed on the side. It was a bit too sweet to my liking but the fact that we already said not to add sugar. However, a very nice presentation but there was too much froth and the coffee seemed to be filling only 3/4 of the glass.
Will I come here again? Yes, maybe I would and try their other desserts and main courses as well. Lunch would be good as I'm interested how the restaurant is during the daytime. 

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