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Chocolateria San Churro, South Brisbane, Brisbane

March 26, 2015

Chocolateria San Churro is the perfect place to go if you love chocolate, rich cakes, bite sized chocolates and yes, churros. Although their coffee may not be the greatest, it does seem to be inconsistent during every of my revisits. It was quite empty when we came in but it soon became quite busy as people started to walk by and stop, trying to find seats would seem more of a wait than usual. I think South Bank really need to open up more desserts and coffee places for people to dine at and have more choices in going where despite the wait and all, but at least, choices are always good.

Just simply divine.. looking at all these cakes and tarts makes you drool but the question is, what will you get?
'Spanish Hot Chocolate - Dark Chocolate' ($5.95) is just that simple hot chocolates you feel when it's just a bit chilly, being cozy at home, tucked into your blanket, sitting on the sofa, watching your favourite tv show and what do you have on your hand? Hot chocolate. The spanish chocolate have that distinct different taste compared to the normal hot chocolates, maybe because of their Spanish recipe, it's full of flavour and rich.
'Ice Chocolate' ($6.95) with milk, choc syrup, vanilla ice cream and chocolate flakes and it should have had whipped cream on top, but opted it out. Iced chocolates can be over-rated sometimes, it can be too runny, it can have more ice blocks than it should have making it extremely cold and sometimes, it just makes the drink not so nice anymore. The hot chocolate was just okay, it wasn't runny nor was it wow.
'Chocolate Strawberry' ($3.95) was something I saw on the glass display as soon as I walked in and could not-not buy it. So, we bought two of them, and were they such a cute little delight to eat. They are simple, yes, chocolate dipped strawberry on a stick.
'Churros for Two' ($14.95) had six churros and 2 dipping sauces of your choice which we picked Dark Chocolate and the Dulche (Spanish Caramel). The portion of each of the churros was efficient and you could also pick whether you wanted icing sugar or cinammon on top of the churros. If you can't make up your mind, then why not ask for half half?
I like the Spanish Caramel and the dark chocolate for dips though the milk chocolate is nice too, but as for white chocolate, I find it to be too sweet to my liking with the churros. The churros are warm when you get them as it arrives at your table.

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