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Rogue Bar and Bistro, Newstead, Brisbane

March 21, 2015

An unusual spot to open up a restaurant in Newstead, but I guess, those unusual spots might be the thing that a restaurant needs to be able to bring in the diners. Rogue Bar and Bistro offers a wide range of dishes and is open for all three meals in a day. With its high top house exterior, minimal design, open kitchen, casual sofa dining, a bar area, a restaurant seating area, a mixture of what I may say caters for everyone.

Front view of Rogue Bar and Bistro

Outdoor casual sofa dining (due to the rain, they were piled up like this..)
We started off the quiet afternoon with 'Pork Dumplings with coriander mayo and baby sorrel'. It was a pretty and elegant dish however I would not classify it as a wow dish. Presented on a simple black plate, it really shined through with the various colours within the elements of the dish. The coriander mayo was something I have never come across before but I found it to be a bit bland, and that the mayo was stronger and over powered the coriander smell and taste.
The pork seemed to have been either minced up but still had that juiciness inside it. The crispiness of the dumpling was well done, not too oily nor too dry as well.
'Wagyu burger and chips' was the other dish we ordered, presented on a long chopping board and a little bowl of aioli also came with it. The first thing that came to my mind was that there was a steak knife right through the middle of the burger. In asian tradition, cultures or well, let's just say an old saying, that a knife or a fork isn't allowed to cut through food right at the middle, and left there hanging like as shown in the picture below. Why? Well, it represents bad luck or death.. Though some may believe it, some may not.
The burger itself was quite neat in terms of being not too overly big or drenching with sauce however I found the simplisticness of the burger to be quite eye catching to grab a bite off. The burger itself however, was just okay, nothing special. It was just a simple burger but I expected more in taste wise but overall, it wasn't bad, it was just simply okay. However, I do like the fact that each of the burger faces had been put on the grill before hand giving it that lovely crisp around the edges.
The chips were nicely spiced and was fried well, not soggy but had the crisp on the outside and the aioli also helped on the side.
I have seen and heard many good reviews regarding their breakfast, so will definitely come again to try their breakfast. Their menus do change in regards to the season so yes, another visit will happen.

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