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Scuzi Caffe, Westfield Chermside, Brisbane

March 11, 2015

Now, on a chilly afternoon, who would say no to a nice warm coffee and cake? No one right? Exactly, that's how we felt too.. Well, maybe I had a change of mind half way when reading the menu. Scuzi Caffe in the new area of Westfield Chermside do offer a wide variety of meals from breakfast up to dinner, but since we've already eaten, and we were quite tired of walking around, this was where we ended up..

While he started with a Flat White, I went for the Iced Mocha with a bit of cream on top (I'm not much of a creamed-drink person, so I usually order without cream, or I would just end up spooning the cream off) But this time, he wanted the cream abit and so he mixed it in with the rest of the drink. 
We chose the 'Apple and Rhubarb crumble' to nibble on as it was the first thing that caught my eyes, well, not exactly, there were actually quite a few that did, but I didn't want anything too sweet, nor too chocolatey, or a muffin, so here we are.. with an Apple and Rhubarb crumble served with a dollop of fresh cream.
What I enjoyed about this little cutie was the fact that the way it was made caught my eye and I do like pretty desserts or cakes. The shortcut pastry for its outer layer, the apple and rhubarb filling with the crumbles on top of the tart glued in by the strawberry/rhubarb jam made it such a cute dessert to eat. The crumble for starters had a nice texture and had the right balance of sweetness whilst the main pastry was not too thick and also had a hint of sweetness to it which was nice.
The filling and no I did forget to take a photo after we somehow ruined it by cutting it through the middle, but the combination of the apple and rhubarb was well done, the right amount of sugar for its sweetness, the right balance between the two fruits, though I am more of an apple fan than a rhubarb fan, I found that the rhubarb had that distinct taste that kind of, may have had an over powering taste over the apple. But overall, this crumble was a delight.

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