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Donut King's Halloween Donuts Review

October 24, 2015

Donut King this year is offering every donut lovers to these frightfully spooky treats with a variety of different Halloween themed designed donuts to tickle your tastebuds.. Some stores do have a few that are the same but some may not be in all stores. Luckily I contacted Deagon's Donut King as they do have their stand-alone DK store where I would usually go to one of the malls nearby for DK but since I called before I ordered or walked in, I found that many of the stores would have many of their Halloween themed donuts sold out by the afternoon and Deagon's DK was nice enough to allow me to book a pack of 6 which I could choose what I wanted in it from their available designs in to be picked up the following day. Score!

A 6 pack for $16 may get you thinking but then, only buying one or two may just make you want to get them all. Let me go through each of the donuts I had in my pack..
Medusa was a donut with jaffa icing, green and orange sprinkles and to cover the middle donut hole was the face of Medusa with sour worms as her hair. Quite unique and also creative I may say. I liked the combination of the simple donut having a jaffa icing and what was good about it was that it wasn't too sweet.
One of the cutest I have to say would be this Spider Web donut which you will find it to actually be a Jam filled.. Wasn't expecting it so imagine you're taking a bite of your donut and find jam oozing out of it. Chocolate topped with icing resembling a spider's web and of course, a spider web donut cannot be one if there wasn't a spider accompanying it.
Having strawberry and jam as the body, mini marshmallows as its eyes and oh my...... look at their little legs. So adorable!

Another cutesy donut would be the Ghost donut. A simple white icing with dollops of milk chocolate as its eyes and mouth. Again, another jam filled. I just love jam filled donuts.
Pumpkin aka. Jack-o'-Lantern was quite an evil one I may say... Another jam filled donut with jaffa icing covered all over it and an evil face drawn on top.
Mummy was a chocolated iced, drizzled with white icing representing the mummy being wrapped with two red mnm's as its eyes. Another delicious donut, I really can't fault DK's donuts... even their Cinammon donuts are so good..
Last but not least, Zombie (though I did think of it as Cyclops due to its One eye) was also spooky but come on, they're all pretty cute I have to say.. and creative too! The icing just tasted like vanilla but having the green and yellow mnm's as its buttons or as decoration gave the Zombie an extra touch.. it could actually also be an Alien..
Don't forget to head down to your local mall or Donut King store to get these bad boys. You may find some jam filled surprises within some of them, I think these are available only until Dec 31st so better get them now before it's too late. If I had to choose between all six donuts, I would choose the Spider Web, Medusa and the Ghost as they were my fav..

*mynameisFood. was provided with a voucher by Donut King to sample their Halloween Donuts, as always, all opinions are my own.

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