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The Burrito Bar, Carseldine Central, Carseldine, Brisbane

October 11, 2015

Just recently, The Burrito Bar has just opened its doors at Carseldine Central in Brisbane's northside. So for you Burrito lovers, there's no need to have to go down to Portside or the CBD just to grab your favourites as you can get it somewhere nearer now. I've tried Burrito Bar only a handful of times, and have had both good and just okay experience in regards to both customer service and food. As we arrived on a weeknight, I think it was a Friday night, there were live music and nearly all the tables were filled..

While waiting for your order, there is a plastic container filled with jenga blocks so I guess it's quite a smart way of distracting you from the waiting time (that is, if it does take quite a while for your food to be prepared).. If not, just a game or two will just loosen up the convo or the ambience a bit by playing Jenga.
Since we weren't that hungry that night and we just wanted to have a catch up chat over some food or nibbles, we decided to buy Burrito Bar's 'Tacos' ($4.50 each or 10 for $40). You are also able to get what they call a Double Decker hard Tacos which is $1.50 extra.
'Achiote Chicken Taco' consists of Grilled marinated Achiote chicken with guacamole, mexislaw and chipotle salsa. The taco itself was quite small as in portion wise, but I guess if you really ain't hungry and just wanna have a bite of something, then sure, this will be just right for you. The Achiote chicken had a distinct smoked taste which was delicious but I felt that the salad filled the taco more than the meat itself. The mexislaw and guacamole was fresh and gave the taco a crunch. However, the chipotle salsa wasn't too distinct in which I would have thought it should be.
'Carnitas Taco' is a Slow cooked pulled pork with salsa verde, corn salsa, mexislaw and chipotle mayo and cilantro. For those who don't know, Cilantro is another name for Coriander. The mexislaw, chipotle mayo, cilantro and corn salsa was a great combination with the pulled pork. However, I would've thought that the corn salsa would've had more flavour in it.
The slow cooked pulled pork was marinated allowing the chipotle mayo and the meat's marination to combine together well. I believe that having a soft taco allows eating a taco easier however, having only one soft taco would make it feel so light and also, maybe in a way soggy due to the filling. So, having a double decker taco may be a good idea if you would like to.
For some reason, we ended up having dessert in the end. At first, we thought the tacos would be enough but then when we saw some people ordering what looked liked to be Chocolate Nachos, we just couldn't resist it. 'Chocolate Nachos' ($10.95) are Chocolate tortilla chips served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
Having the chocolate sauce and also some coco powder for its finishing touch gave the whole dish brightness, well, to be honest the vanilla ice cream did. The Vanilla ice cream balanced the dish well with all that chocolateness. The chocolate tortilla chips were quite unique but I didn't taste alot of the chocolate or the sweetness which was nice. It was fried well and the whole dessert was a fun one to gobble down. The only downside is that after a few tortilla chips with ice cream and all, you start getting quite full with all the sweetness..

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