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Wara Wara Izakaya, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

October 14, 2015

Wara Wara was one of my favourites back then, but it seems their quality and standards has decreased over the months and years now. Here for lunch, we came in with grumbling tummies, we entered into Wara Wara since it was the closest.. We ordered our dishes but were quite dissapointed with both in the end..

'Bi Bim Bap' ($14) is one of the classic staple dish you will find definitely in every Korean restaurant and which you would be surprised if they failed making the dish. I found that this time, they did. It felt like such a rip off to be honest.. When it arrived at our table, the whole dish which was suppose to include rice, a variety of vegetables, beef and egg on top seemed like they weren't even trying to serve up food or they were just lazy. The whole dish did not fill up not even half of the hot stone bowl. Come on, are you serious? With only a few spoonfuls, the dish was finished.
The vegetables were bland, the beef felt as if they only just pan fried minced beef with no seasoning nothing and just placed it on top with no feeling in cooking a good meal. A very dissapointing dish in which I would have to say the worst I've had so far in Brisbane. There were absolutely no taste whatsoever and the whole dish was not enjoyable at all. Even if you put the sauce in, it just wasn't nice anymore by seeing a dry dish.
An utter dissapointment, a dry tasteless bland bibimbap not even half of the hot stone bowl.. Fortunately, this brightened us up abit.. 'Kanpoongi Sweet and Spicy Chicken' (S: $20) was well portioned for a small.
It was fried and marinated, placed on top of fresh greens. The sweet and spicy chicken was not too bad, had the right amount of sweet and spicy.

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