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Nikuya, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

October 28, 2015

Before this wonderful restaurant opened, it was quite hard having a local Japanese restaurant to keep going to whenever there were events or just a dinner with friends. Since my visit to Nikuya, I have enjoyed the experience and the service that they have shown. Of course, the food and ambience of the restaurant is key and I do have to say that so far, they have always nailed the food. The ambience isn't your typical traditional Japanese restaurant, no Tatami room and so on, but it is more of a modern, simplistic and yet it has its history within it here and there. And, have I mentioned that they do offer free parking? Score!

Downstairs; A-La-Carte menu and lunch menu & private rooms are also available
The upper floor are specifically only for BBQ whilst downstairs are for A-La-Carte..
Private Room
Nikuya's Lunch menu are available everyday and they have a wide variety of dishes you can choose from. Starting off with 'Kurobuta Katsu Don' ($17) was well portioned and presented. You can see the fluffy rice, topped with crumbed Kurobuta Pork Loin with onion egg broth, oh and also slices of nori and red radish on top. The onion egg broth is usually the key in this dish, it has to be balanced with the egg being not too raw nor too cooked, the broth also has to have the right amount of sweetness and saltiness in between.
The Kurobuta katsu was crumbed well, however it could have been nicer if it was a tad crispier since it became quite soggy being poured by the broth. The onion broth gave a distinct smell which made the whole dish delicious and I would usually mix the rice with the broth to let the rice marinate in it giving it a nicer texture and taste instead of just normal white rice.
They also have Bento Boxes in which you are able to choose your meat such as Mixed Sushi Set, Mixed Sushi and Sashimi Bento box or Dim Sim Bento box and so on. They also offer a 'Nikuya Bento Box' ($22) where you get mixed sashimi, a side salad, white rice, miso soup as well as your choice of meat out of Teriyaki Chicken or Chicken Katsu or Kurobuta Pork Belly Skewers or Sakana Katsu.
'Nikuya Bento Box' with Chicken Katsu was a delight to eat as well as their Ebi Fillet in which what they had before from what I remember. I would want to try their sushi and dim sim bento box too next time actually when I'm back.
The sashimi slices included 2 slices of Tuna, Salmon and Kingfish whilst the fresh salad had no sauce, it didn't bother me as it refreshes you while eating and you can add or make your own sauce by the condiments and sauces provided on each of the tables.
The Katsu was a nice piece of meat I have to say. Crumbed well, not oily at all which was great and which means that they did dry it nicely. Topped over roughly sliced cabbage which is a great touch and allows extra crunchiness. Just by itself, the katsu and steamed rice is perfect. One downside though is that I felt that there wasn't enough sauce, needing to add more sauce from the side.
Next, I'm quite willing to try the BBQ upstairs, but if not, I'll be happy with trying out their other delicious dishes on offer.

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