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Brunetti, Lygon St, Carlton, Melbourne

April 27, 2016

Brunetti was on one of the places to go to for desserts or sweets on my list when we went to Melbourne. Since we were having dinner at Lygon St, we decided to go and find Brunetti. What we did not realise was that the queue and how packed it was. I had to wait for a while until the crowd had died down to even take a photo. Since Brunetti has relocated from its previous venue, it is now at least about three times the size they were before. Having a huge bar to serve customers coffee, tea and other sorts of beverages, it is a order-at-counter but then you do have to take it yourself when it's ready. Serving a wide range of cakes, pastries, savouries and more, it is sure to fit with any tastebuds.
Plenty of seating available however it can get over crowded sometimes and you may get a seat at the corner without any view.

We both were quite full after having dinner at Lygon St, but we just had to make some tummy space for dessert. We ordered a 'Flat White' and a 'Cappuccino' and waited as our cakes arrived. 
'Sfogliatella' is a baked flakey pastry with sweet ricotta cheese and citrus.

Simply look at its many layers, the Sfogliatella is a unique, petite pastry dish you should not miss out on.
'Hazelnut and Coffee Torte' ($7.6) is an elegant yet unique cake consisting of a flourless hazelnut sponge layered with a mocha mousse dusted with icing sugar.
Although it did say it had a Hazelnut sponge in between the mocha mousse, it had also some sort of flaky pastry amongst it as you are able to hear the crack and also trying to slice or fork a bit was quite hard and not as easy as you would on a normal sponge cake. The mocha mousse was the highlight of the dish, it was not too sweet but it was rather just right. The Hazelnut sponge allowed the whole cake to have the balance between sweetness, density and also fluffiness. It was a great combination in having a Hazelnut sponge and mocha mousse, of course if you wanted it more simple, you could've opter for a vanilla custard or just simply cream in between but by having that mocha mousse allowed the dish to be taken to the next level.
This reminded me of Mille Feuille but not having a vanilla base or a simple thin puff pastry in between and to hold it altogether. Having the hazelnut sponge cake and the mocha mousse created an elegant dish as well as giving you a different taste rather than the traditional Vanilla Slice.
If you aren't up for either cakes or any sweet nibbles, there is a Gelati section at the end of the strip as well as some savoury items on the menu.

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