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The Morrison Hotel, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

April 01, 2016

One of the best steaks has always been here at The Morrison but it seems that their pepper sauce is still unbeatable. Of course, if you prefer your green pepper sauce or non-creamy pepper sauce, then this may not be for you and if so, do go for their mushroom sauce and you will not be disappointed. If you're not feeling like steak, don't worry.. as they offer many more dishes other than steaks including Wood fired pizzas, a wide variety of salads and mains such as Chicken Parmy, Beer battered barra, how about Beef cheeks 5 ways? Do try their The Morrison Parmy as they do a mean one..
This entree took so long to come until we actually eventually told them that we would rather cancel than eating it as a dessert. Well, basically after we ordered and whilst we were chatting along.. our steaks came. Then maybe about 15mins after, our supposed to be entree did not arrive and so we told the waiter to just cancel it as we were already on our mains and we wanted to have the bread as an entree but instead, we got the steaks first. The waiter was friendly and understood our situation, apologized and told us that he will sort it out for us.
The next thing you know, he comes out bringing our entree out and said we won't be charged and it was their fault. Although it is a kind gesture but we were already quite full from our mains to be honest. So in the end, we just had a few slices and left the rest. 'Wood Fired Pizza Bread' ($9.50) with pesto, pine nuts, camembert, mozarella cheese with fresh garden basil. It was a delightful dish to have although it would have been better if we could've started with it in the first place without having to have grumbling tummies then eating our steaks then having the entree to come out last. If you do like your garlic bread or your Maragarita pizzas but sometimes you may get bored of it and want to try something different, then do try this. It is such an elegant but thin starter to have while you chat while waiting for your mains to come. The combination of pesto and pine nuts always works well and especially when you combine it with camembert and mozarella cheese. The only thing that I could not find was the fresh garden basil or maybe they just simply forgot about it.
'Graziers Eye Fillet' (200g, $32) is the one I always get as I love my Eye Fillets. A succulent, tender and of course, lean piece of meat. With every steak order, you are to choose your own sauce (Mushroom, Pepper, Chilli, Herb Butter, Texas BBQ, Blue Cheese butter etc and mustards are also available) + your choice of salad (Caesar salad or House salad or Blue cheese, walnut, apple and rocket salad w a balsamic glaze) + your choice of chips or house potato. Seriously though, for the price and for the quality as well as what you get on your plate when it arrives, you won't be disappointed.
Their mushroom sauce is delicious, I cannot deny it. Roughly though thinly cuts of mushroom pieces filling the sauce as well as you wouldn't think that your sauce is too little or due to the fact that there are mushrooms in it, you would not have enough. But really, you have more than enough and believe me since I'm a big sauce fan. The creaminess, the mushroom taste and flavour just combines well especially even if you dip it in a bit of your garlic bread in it.. Well, you're not supposed to but oh well. The caesar salad was simple but had your mozarella thin slices, cos lettuce, a light caesar dressing and also bits of bacon.
'Graziers Rump' (300g, $32) is a classic prime cut, grain finished in 100 days and is full of flavour. It has been aged to specifications allowing the full flavour and tenderness. It is great when you get a piece of steak and you could see the grill marks.. I just love seeing them.
Finally, saving the best for last would be their pepper sauce. It has lots of kick since there are the peppercorns within the sauce and although it isn't fully creamy but it is yet quite creamy if you get me.. It is a must try especially if you love pepper. Pour that all over your steak or just slice a bit of steak and dip it in, and you will be in pepper heaven.. I still can't find a competitor for this pepper sauce. They are either not peppery at all, too thin, too liquid, no peppercorn or they are just green peppercorn sauce in which is supposedly more elegant in terms of taste and smoothness.

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