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Buzz Bistro, Gasworks, Newstead, Brisbane

April 12, 2016

Buzz Bistro at Gasworks is known for their wood fired pizzas as well as their breakfast variety. Though I've been here for both lunch and dinner, I am yet to try their breakfast next time. Creating artisan Neopolitan style pizzas allows you to enjoy good ol' Italian pizzas hand made as well as being able to smell it while it's being cooked in the wood fire. Don't forget to order a glass of wine or maybe a nice cold beer to accompany it. Having a view of the Gasometer, allow yourself to indulge in good food while relaxing and watching the different lights shining upon the thick steel lining.
'Buzz's Famous Jerk Chicken with Chorizo Skewers' ($14) with cucumber and mint yoghurt is a great starter to have and to share amongst your friend or your loved ones. A simple but yet delicious dish to have. The jerk chicken was seasoned and marinated well, mixed along with the chorizo created a nice balance and giving it hints of saltiness through the chorizo.
Having the rocket underneath allows the dish to have some greens and make it look not as lonely just by having the skewers by itself. The cucumber and mint yogurt was a refreshing yet smooth dip to have and blended well with the skewers. A nice sub for your typical ketchup or mayo.
'The Rage'N Sage'N' ($19) which is one of their pizza options which consists of sauteed mushrooms, garlic, crisp sage, Fior di latte and pancetta. Mushrooms and pancetta always works well on pizzas, especially when together. It would have been great however if the mushrooms were scattered more reasonably rather than only being closer to the center mostly. There were still a sufficient amount of pancetta pieces as well as mushrooms but again, the mushrooms could have been more around the pizza slices.
Fior di latte is a type of cheese, a semi-soft, fresh cheese made in the style of an Italian mozarella. The Fior di latte has a smooth and a little tangy in flavour also, having an elastic feeling. The thin dough was chewy and crispy but not too thin until it gets soggy easily. Having the burnt bits from the wood fire oven makes the pizza more authentic and have the smoky flavour as well as smell. One of the nicest pizzas offered here so do have a try.
'The Blue Cheese Burger' ($19.5) is one of the seven different burger options on the menu. With all the burger and pizza options, you would have trouble trying to decide which to choose. All burgers are served with 220g wagyu beef served medium rare with a choice of salad or beer battered chips.
By using Gorgonzola piccante, it allows the burger to have a soft and buttery but also quite salty in terms of taste. The mayo allowed a creamier texture as well as having the house made red onion marmalade gave it a nice balance. I really enjoyed the red onion marmalade as I thought it was unique and had an interesting picklish taste. A Gorgonzola Piccante is a veined blue cheese made from unskimmed cow's milk and has a strong and an intense taste when eaten alone but with it being mixed into a burger, created a different yet interesting way to try the cheese as it blends in well with the red onion marmalade and wagyu meat.

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