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Le Bon Choix, Westfield Garden City, Brisbane

April 08, 2016

It's nice to have Le Bon Choix in Westfield as it saves time for you to go down to the CBD or my usual spot at the Ascot branch. But when you're just in the mall walking and would like to have coffee and cake somewhere, sometimes you just don't feel like the usual cafes available. What I love about Le Bon Choix would definitely be their cakes as well as their breads, as for their coffee, they are okay but it just depends on who is behind the machine making it for you as sometimes it can be good and not so-good. However, this time, wanting to try their Ice Chocolate and it turned out to be the worst decision...
Flat White
Ice Chocolate - definitely won't be ordering again
Having always ordered coffees, I decided to order an Ice Chocolate this time. Unfortunately, it was a bad idea and I should've probably stayed with my usual coffee. Imagining a dollop of ice cream floating on top of a creamy, milky chocolatey drink did not happen. Instead, what came out was a very watery, filled with ice and what seemed to be cocoa powder/chocolate syrup at the bottom of the tumbler and not so milky. It basically looks like someone has just (in order) poured chocolate syrup, abit of milk, lots of water and then top it all off with a big spoonful of ice. To be harshly honest, it was quite gross. It's not like drinking milo with water or milo with milk as they are quite good either way and even if it was better with milk, this was just way off. The taste of the chocolate was just ruined by the amount of water and ice cubes. The amount of milk was just not there.. you couldn't even taste the milk. Imagine drinking milk and water.. and hints of chocolate here and there. An ice chocolate is a real drink, although it's not supposed to be like a milkshake or it may not always have your whipped cream on top or yes, it may have a few ice cubes. But, this was just out of the picture. Although you try and mix the chocolate syrup inside, the ratio of the water and ice cubes basically overpowered the whole drink which makes the drink not creamy or even milky at all. Just ruined it. It was just super duper liquidy and on top of that, it's already full of water, they decided to top it up more with ice cubes. So, what I received was definitely not an Ice Chocolate.

And no, I did not finish the drink.

Apologies for the rant.. It just made me so annoyed as I have always loved eating and having their coffees even if in some of the branches, some people serving you may not always be the friendliest, but this just ruined my experience for me.

Seriously, for Le Bon Choix? I did not expect that at all for quality and presentation. Even the waiter that brought us our drinks spilled some of the flat white onto the saucer and on the table in which we had to be the ones wiping the mess as she just walked off.
'Almond Croissant' ($3.9) has always been one of the best Almond croissants whether it is toasted or not. The almond meal is perfect and having the icing sugar giving it that pretty touch as well as the almond pieces on top. Do grab one or a few when you're here, will not disappoint at all.
'Clio' ($7.8) a rich, smooth and punchy blackforest cheesecake. There is a unique way of layering in this slice having the cheesecake in the middle being sandwiched between two chocolate dense sponge cake. You are also able to see the chocolate thin pieces in the cheesecake as well as cherry. On top of that seems to be a layer of cherry jelly as well as square cuts of white chocolate pieces. An exquisite dish if you are a fan of cherry and chocolate as well as blackforest cakes.

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